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Salary History

Salary History Report

This page lists the salary of each employee with increments if there is any. The report is very straight forward and there is nothing complicated here.

If you click on a employee name, you will be taken to that employee profile from where you can see more about salary from the Job tab under the Compensation segment.

salary history

How is it useful?

This chart shows Salary History of all the employees of your company by pay rate and pay type. It gives you an quick overview of which employee has been earning what amount and from what date.

Since you can see the change in dates, you are also able to view the increments and the salary changes that took place for each employee throughout the year.

This is useful because as the HR Manager you will be able to seamlessly determine what range of salary is being earned by what departments and level of expertise, since you are able to view the profiles directly from this report.

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