HR Management

Leave Calendar

Leave calendar can be used to find the leave days by selecting the employees and departments.

To use this feature, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HRM → Leave Management → Calendar.

Filtering leave days:

Select department: Use the drop-down menu to select a department for which you want to see the leave days.

Select Designation: Like department, use the drop-down menu to select a designation for which you would like to view the leave days.

Month, week and day: You can use this option to view the leave days according to monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Filter: After selecting the department or designation or both click on this button to filter out the leave days.

Navigation: Use this button to navigate to previous and next months or weeks or days. 

Today: Use this button to directly move to the current day from any other days. This button becomes active if you remain in any former or later days.

That’s all about leave calendar.

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