HR Management

Creating and Managing Designations

The functionality of a Designation

Creating designations for your employees allow you to differentiate between roles and responsibilities. One designation can be appointed to many employees. Adding Designations and Departments to your employees allow the admin to easily sort out people related to their respective fields.

Creating designations also allow you to create leave policies easily.

Creating a Designation

Go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HRM → Designations(tab) → Add New.

Now add Designation Title and Description.

Click on Edit to make changes to any existing designation.

This is how you create designations.

After creating a new designation it will start appearing in the drop downs in every relevant section where you need to input designation.

If you have to add more or remove a designation, you have to return to the Designation window to add, remove and edit.

This is how you can create and manage WP ERP Designations.

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