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Leave Entitlements

The functionality of Leave Entitlements

Entitlements allow you to assign the policies you have created to any individual employee, multiple selective employees, a department or the entire company. Without entitlements, your company leave policies are not effective. The leave period is captured according to your company start date by default.

Managing Leave Entitlements

To view the policy and current status of all employees, go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → HRM → Leave Managment → Leave Entitlements. Check the right column for employee’s total and remaining leave quota.

Creating Leave Entitlements

  1. Press Add New to start assigning.
wp erp hrm leave entitlement add new

Modify the form fields to meet your needs as shown below. Add a comment if necessary.

Check “Assign to multiple employees” when you want it to work with all the employees of an entire department or a branch office.

Select the office location and department. Add a comment if needed.

Leave entitlement

If you want to assign the leave policy to individual employees, uncheck Assign to multiple employees, then select the Leave Policy, Leave Period, and the Name of the Employee from the drop-down list. Add a comment in need.

Remember, if you select a particular department from the Department dropdown box, you need to make sure you have a policy created for that particular department. Otherwise you won’t be able to apply Leave Policy. Same goes for designation as well.

6. Click on Assign Policies when you are done. The Leave Entitlement will now be assigned to the chosen department or individual.

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