Power Up Your Workforce with

WordPress HR Plugin

WP ERP provides an easy WordPress Employee Management plugin. You will be able
to see detailed employee profiles along with leave requests, promotions,
increments, performance logs. Get announcements, email notifications & more!

Why Choose Our WordPress

HRM System

Go Paperless with Web-
Based Online HR System

Fully Functional Remote Working Abilities

Start with The Free Plan, Upgrade Plan Anytime

Save Time with Automatic Report Generation

Transparent & Cost-
Effective Pricing

Automate Payments and Salaries with Payroll

Overview of HRM

This WordPress HR Module gives a complete view of what’s going on with your Human Resource.
Start your day with your work calendar, announcements, leaves – all in a single page.

Advanced Leave

Create and manage
multiple types of leav …

Custom Field Builder

Add extra fields to employee, contact and company profile. Add as…

WP ERP HR Frontend

Bring the HR module to the frontend and have an interactive dashboard…


Monitor employee work hours and balance them with their leaves with this…


Assign a training to everyone, by departments, by…

Asset Manager

Manage your office inventory with ease, assign assets to…

Document Manager

Store and organize your office documents and share with the…

Employee Management

Made Easy

Build sustainable relationships with your customers, leads, and subscribers. Handle your business
clients, partners & others as efficiently as you do your contacts.

Supervise The Recruitment and Training

Directly from The HR Dashboard

Recruit new employees, take online exams, evaluate and provide feedback to your
employees training, and many more with our WordPress HR Management Module.

Track Payroll or Reimbursement

with Smart HRM Tools

Pay off wages & salaries, manage comapny assets, or employee
reimbursement, and many more from a single place.

Asset Manager

Manage employee expenses & complete payments in an easy and effective way.
Account the expenses made by employees easily


Manage employee salaries more easily & automate payments with WordPress Payroll System Plugin
The payroll extension enables you to manage your employees’ salary from the WordPress dashboard


Keep track of all the asset of your workplace without any hassle
Manage your office inventory with ease, assign assets to employees and collect them back on time

Useful HR Reporting

Need some quick reports for a presentation? There are 9 ready graphical reports for you about
the whole company depending on various factors that are automatically generated.

Improve and Ease up

Your Workspace

Want to automate all repeated tasks? Not finding important documents? All these problems can
be solved easily now with WP ERP’s HR Management with better User Experience on Frontend.

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