CRM Trends and Challenges

Top CRM Trends And Implementation Challenges To Overcome

The process of managing your customer has come a long way in the last few decades or so. In the late 80’s companies were more relied on using contact management software, that was mostly responsible for keeping and organizing the customer’s contact information. But it is not until the late 90’s that the CRM trends changed and they all focused on making the customer management to be automated.

So that is when we began to see path-breaking changes in the software that is able to manage customer relationships effectively. Once the CRM system started to go mobile, the more collaboration between companies commenced taking place since then.

Since then, CRM software has evolved and evolved only for the betterment of customer relationship management. But along with its evolution, the CRM trends have also grown each year. So are we aware of the current top CRM Trends and the challenges it faces? We will find that out in a brief yet effective point based discussion below.

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WP ERP Pricing

Revamped WP ERP Pricing Packages: How You are Saving Big?

WP ERP is one of the plugins that has changed the purpose of WordPress to its users. It is a noteworthy example of using WordPress for a greater cause like managing businesses. Being first of it’s kind, WP ERP is successfully aiding 7,000+ businesses all over the world!

After it’s release, we initially planned to make individual premium extensions alongside the FREE core modules. And it was a huge success. Customers were able to choose from around 25+ extensions that solve specific business problems.

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Lead generation strategies

12 Effective Lead Generation Strategies for eCommerce

If you own an e-commerce store, you may have numerous purposes in your mind. Of them, profit-making which is positively correlated with sales might be the most important one as it is a must for the survival of your business. Meaning that the higher you can make your sales volume the more you will be able to maximize your profit. But how can you increase the sales volume?

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Benefits and Strategies of Relationship Marketing for Small Business

From aggressive sales techniques to short-term transactions, modern marketing ideas have thoroughly shifted to a whole new dimension – that is creating brand resonance and building long-term relationships with customers. When it comes to modern relationship marketing, customers are everything – they are the determiner of your enterprise’s success and so they are by all means the be-all and end-all.

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