Under-rated CRM Features that Can Help Your Business Grow

CRM or customer relationship management solution manages the relationship between customer and vendors. It was in 2014 when a report revealed the companies that used CRM solution got $8.71 dollar return in each dollar spent. We know there are popular features of CRM but we will analyze how CRM helps business with it’s underrated features.

How CRM Helps Business

CRM helps the business with its multi layered features. What happens most of the times is we sit there eagerly to hear about the result but forget the facts that goes behind the result. This happens with every solution. But we are talking about CRM specially.

This is because customers are the main concerns of companies. If you cannot turn your customers into your advocates then it is quite hard to sustain in the marketplace. To befriend your customers you must understand the buyer’s persona. Most of the CRM solutions are designed keeping the buyer’s persona in mind which helps to get the best traffic. This is how CRM helps a business.

CRM software’s specialty lies in the features they offer. Here is the trick, the features, all of those together make the entire system intuitive. But unfortunately, all of them does not get the proper credit they should have. There are some features which are very under rated because we don’t get the depth and nature of that feature.

Features of Customer Relationship Management

After looking into the features of CRM systems like Hubspot, Zoho, WP ERP CRM, Bitrix and Manage Engine we have found a few common features. Those features are recognized as the most important ones. They are:

  • Automation: Bringing automation in the overall system is one of the key aspects be it in sales, in support or in the call center.
  • Contacts: A CRM system takes care of customer contacts. It looks after every transaction and moves a customer makes and gives the admin a panoramic view of clients.
  • Reports: With automation in all other sections there is not much to worry about reports. But still, users like to be assured of smoothness of the reporting system.
  • Invoices: Invoices are one of the most important parts of the business and closely related to sales.
  • Accounting: A CRM system should be able to take care of the financial system of a business too. This is why users look for a good accounting feature in a CRM.
  • Marketing: CRM solution stores crucial data about customers and it helps running marketing on varied platforms.
  • Multi-Channel facility: As business has expanded and you have to run campaigns in different platforms, the multi-channel facility is what users now look for.

how crm helps business

All these work together to make the business successful. You can check the article Numerous Ways CRM Workflow Automation Super Boost Your Businesses to understand the features better.

Underrated Features

But At the same time, there are some other features which are non-popular. But if you look closely you will see that they are equally important and actually do not get enough credit. Such Under-Rated features are:

  • Task management
  • Workflow Management
  • Integration
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Emailing to Clients
  • CRM Forms

We will discuss them briefly but before that we need to discuss some other issues.

To understand better how CRM helps business with all its features you have to understand the benefits customers and companies together enjoy out of those features.

CRM Features and Benefits:

First of all, obviously a good CRM system creates better communication. Consequently it renews the relationship with customers everyday.

Secondly, when you know your customers better you can work on your customer care service.

Thirdly, automation of the process makes the sales easier. You don’t need to fill out forms and enter them in another book manually. You can do that in a click along with the documents.

Fourthly, Reporting is easier now. With the automation in the process making reports is easy with a CRM solution.

Last but not the least and the most important one is running campaigns. Running campaigns, retargeting gets really easy with CRM.

How crm helps business
Customers waiting in line

These are not the only benefits you can get from CRM methodology. But these are considered to be the major ones. Now the question is how CRM helps business with its underrated features.

These features are really beneficial to all sorts of business. This is the reason usage of CRM have expanded and Non-Traditional Companies Using CRM to Ensure a Phenomenal Growth.

How Under-rated Feature Helps in Business

Sometimes we find it puzzling what makes a CRM system under-rated or why features are listed as under rated. For example a site once wrote an article on what makes Hubspot CRM an under rated one.

What they were saying was actually true as users failed to understand Hubspot’s potentiality just because they were too nice to have a free plan for new users of CRM.

So, sometimes you can not find the exact reason why this happens.

Task Management for Better Communication

Task management is one of the most underrated features of CRM. As this solutions main focus is customer relation, users think task management is not that essential. But better task management in collaboration with Project manager is the key to better communication.

Workflow Management for Better Reports

Workflow management is closely related to task management. Using CRM you can keep track of wokrflow which contributes to your report making process.

Integration for Better Client Service

Companies have already taken consideration the matter of integration. But still, it is an underrated feature. Integration expands your territory. For example if you intgertae WP ERP with Hubspot or Mailchimp you will be enjoying facilities from both platforms. This expansion helps to better the client service.

Emailing Clients for Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest form of marketing. We know that email funnels will never go out of fashion. Still mail marketing is pretty underrated in the methodology.

CRM Forms to Check Spam

CRM forms are under-estimated too. But forms are specially created to control spams. CRM form may not be the popular but no client will ever want spams. So importance of CRM form is undeniable.

Mobile Responsiveness for Better Customer Care

This one too is being popularised recently. Mobile responsiveness increases the ease of use. This feature will shortly become the demand of time.

Wrapping Up!

Other than all these features users often fail to understand the presence of modules and extensions. We all need to keep in mind every feature introduced in a system is there to make the experience better. It is high time that we recognize those underrated features of CRM to have a better user experience.

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