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It’s difficult to see through the daily operations of a small business comprising of 50 or less employees when you are a solo entrepreneur or have a limited number of managers. You can’t do everything alone. You will be confined in how much you can achieve in a day, in communication, and in your mobility.

And at the same time, you have to ensure that you still have a clear perspective and that whatever goals have been set for the company are at least being met, if not exceeded. Proper enforcement of rules, tasks, solutions to problems, organization, and safeguarding client happiness can be an unachievable thing when a business is being managed by a small number of people. For one, it takes a lot to run the show.

It may seem like a lot to pull the strings. And it rightly does so. To undertake and operate an online business entails maneuvering a thousand things. This includes miscommunication. Having separate solutions to run each department isn’t a good idea. It gets expensive and time-consuming to upgrade and customize each different solution.

When you want to save yourself from unnecessary costs, complexity, and a waste of resources and time using old ways of doing business, the best thing is to achieve automation for the overall management of your online business.

Signs that you need an ERP Solution for your business

This is when you know you need a change:

  1. Your accounting is difficult and takes longer than it should
  2. Sales and customer satisfaction are at an all time low and
  3. You are using way too many different mechanisms to handle operations
  4. You cannot keep track of all your projects at a time
  5. Internal management is suffering due to lack of focus
  6. You don’t have easy access to information about your business and human resources

Having a transparent lifecycle of product development is very critical for a smooth and successful operation of your business. This can be achieved through metrics, automated processes, automated reporting, and interactive dashboards.

Automation allows you to spend less time reporting and doing other repetitive and time-consuming tasks. You have more time for more productive tasks.

WP ERP The Complete Solution For Small Businesses

WP ERP is the pioneer WordPress solution for all kinds of small business. It is also the only comprehensive WordPress ERP plugin that covers all aspects of a business with separate in-built modules for HRM, CRM, and Accounting management.

WP ERP was created keeping in mind the average non-tech savvy user so that you feel empowered supervise your small business even if you don’t have any designated managers. The user interface of WP ERP is intuitive enough so you are seamlessly able to take care of your business independently.

You don’t have to resort to different software anymore to get solutions to your sales, employee, and finance management. It also lets you integrate your WP Project Manager Pro so that you can execute a project successfully.

In fact, WP ERP has been built keeping in mind small business, and that is why it combines just the tools you need and use them with ease without expert knowledge. Its advanced functionalities don’t overshadow its user intuitive structure. Beginners and non-ERP experts can easily run the modules.

WP ERP brings to you the automation that is so much needed to run an e-business.

Why am I recommending a WordPress Solution?

For the simple reasons that WordPress is open source, customizable, extensible, scalable, and multilingual. And if that is not enough, WordPress plugins are also far less costly than cloud-based services and come with many integrations, extensions, documentation, and themes to give you a satisfactory experience.

These are some of the things that you can do with WP ERP:

Task Assigning and Tracking with the leading WordPress ERP Plugin

When you are running a small business comprised of less than 50 employees, you still need to stay up to date with headlines, orders, and projects. This requires a seamless process that keeps everything organized and easy-to-understand for you.

WP ERP helps you get rid of bottlenecks, repetition, and from losing your flow, through the following:-

  • It integrates an ultimate project management tool, WP Project Manager Pro.
  • Through this, you can create an unlimited number of to-do lists and projects.
  • You can assign unlimited team members.
  • To-do lists can also be tagged with milestones for setting mini-goals and targets within each of your tasks.
  • Helpful other features, like Gantt Charts (show progress of tasks) and Kanban board (categorize tasks in drag and drop-style boards).

Recruitment and HR management from WP ERP

You also need something to hire new people and manage existing ones!

WP ERP has strong features that let you achieve this tension-free:

  • Self check-in and check-out of a well-built attendance system that also generates reports of monthly attendance
  • Easily create job vacancies on your dashboard and post recruitment on your website
  • Create and take online exams onsite. So you don’t even have to spend a dime to take physical exams of your candidates. You can keep it all paperless!
  • You can also track the workflow and change candidate status for each recruitment according to the hiring stage they are in
  • With detailed employee profiles, you can create and manage designations, departments, performance reviews, attendance and files for each employee

Salary Disbursement, Accounting, & Expense Reporting

Does it take you forever to reconcile and consolidate salaries and other finances? Are you depending a lot on spreadsheets and/or other systems that you have to figure out manually?

WP ERP lets you handle your financials from a single database for all your employees. This precludes your employees from spending time doing tasks repeatedly across many platforms, re-posting numbers or doing calculations manually.

Make your workforce more productive to delivery critical reports with WP ERP’s HRM module:

  • Cut down on paper-written invoices and sales orders.
  • Create dynamic pay calendars – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • You can set basic pay or salary including different fixed amount payments for your employees.
  • Besides that, you can set up tax and other relevant payment information on your employees’ profiles.

Employee Performance Analytics with WordPress ERP

With WP ERP, let your HR managers take control:-

  • Save yourself from the hassle of paperwork and from having to keep a huge bundle of employee information under different files and documents.
  • Manage everything from a single page.
  • Not just that- you can also create Performance Reports, set Goals, and add Comments.

Sales, Customer Prospecting & Relationship Management

This is the most essential function an ERP, and more precisely, of a CRM. WP ERP comes with a CRM module that you can upgrade for a smooth running of your business with a variety of extensions available.

With WP ERP’s CRM, automate your sales processes and let your sales agents:

  • View a client’s lifecycle and full transaction history from his/her profile.
  • Communicate directly with current customers and prospects as well as create opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products and services.
  • Have a better idea and profile of every client from lead generation to conversion and sales.
  • View customer status and activity logging and respond appropriately.
  • Prioritize responses based on customer status to be more efficient.
  • Schedule a meeting or a call with customers and representatives.
  • Make company profiles.
  • Group your customers their interests-wise.
  • Handle multiple deals with multiple customers together.
  • With Accounting module, rely less on guesswork and more on solid data with sales reports and organized customer orders. Understand average sales margin, orders per day, and current sales better.

Inventory Management

Ensuring that the right amount of products is in stock at the right time and place is a vital part of business operations. With WP ERP’s Inventory extension, you will be able to ensure reliability and service by keeping proper track of a product – if it is in stock or on its way in shipment. This will allow all sales agents to have real-time information in their hand about in-stock and out-of-stock products.

Moreover, with WP ERP’s CRM, customers will be able to directly contact sales representatives about order status and status on shipping, payment, and service.

Cash Flow Management

Having a small team doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have any expenses to run your team.

With WP ERP’s Accounting module and its extensions:

  • Worry no more about wasting time on managing overhead costs, such as rent, electricity, food, water, and physical assets of the company, such as laptops, stationery, and furniture.
  • Prepare sales invoices and check reports at every stage.
  • Keep detailed track of company’s expenses with associated accounts and vendor profiles.
  • Receive payments and payment vouchers to pay vendors directly and make complicated transactions.

Final Thoughts

For small businesses and eCommerce, using ERP systems become a necessity with growth. Otherwise, running operations smoothly becomes difficult. With WP ERP, the one-stop WordPress small business solution, feel empowered in supervising, and managing. You and your employees get access to information whenever needed from a single platform.

You also get to have regular updates without a hassle and new functions are easy to add through extensions as your business changes and grows. It’s also very reasonably priced compared to other solutions.

With WP ERP, augment your employees’ productivity to let them engage in more high-value decisions and work that lead to better business outcomes.

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