Top 10 ERP Books to Help You Make Better Resource Planning

The ERP software is climbing high and aims to grow up to $9 billion this year. Research says that the mid-sized company’s ERP adoption will increase by 7.9% from 2014 to 2020. As a business owner or manager, it’s a never-ending journey for you to learn how ERP works to gear up your business process.

Evidently, books remain one of the best ways to understanding the expert’s thoughts for all time. Hence, to improve your learning curve, we have listed some of the best selling ERP books in recent times. They surely will guide in implementing ERP, execute and maintain better resource planning for your business.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got for you.

10 Best ERP Books to Improve your Business
1ERP Demystified by Alexis Leon
2Modern ERP by Marianne Bradford
3Good to Great by James C. Collins
4Enterprise Resource Planning by Mary Sumner
5How to Select Your ERP Without Losing Your Mind by Andy Pratico
6Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning Concepts by Bret Wagner
7ERP: Make it Happen by Thomas F. Wallace
8Maximizing ROI Using ERP Applications by Arthur J. Worster
9Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems by Jeffrey Word
10Enterprise Resource Planning Concepts by Dr. Jill A O’Sullivan
best erp books

ERP Demystified

ERP demystified

In 1999, Alexis Leon wrote a book simply called Enterprise Resource planning. It was one of those first ERP books that try to explain how ERP software can contribute to streamlining business information. However, Leon felt somehow dissatisfied, and the next year he released an updated version.

In ERP Demystified, Leon broadens his ideas and explanations on enterprise resource planning and ERP software. The book is divided into 7 parts. They are – Intro, ERP and Technology, ERP Implementation, ERP in Action, Business Modules for ERP, Market, and the possibilities of ERP software.

When you read this book, you will know all the necessary facts about ERP, it’s importance, and how to choose a better ERP software that suits your demand. If you are a beginner to the whole ERP idea, this mammoth of ERP books can be a reliable starter.

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Modern ERP: Select, Implement and Use

modern erp books

This book is particularly designed for students who are studying the concepts of ERP from scratch. Essentially every business manager should consider himself as a learner. Nonetheless, it is a way to win challenges and growth. So, if you already have enough knowledge about enterprise resource planning, still it serves you to revise your process and mastering your ability in the field of ERP.

Marian Bradford is an ERP industry expert. So reading this book is also a way to share his experience despite remaining true to your path. Some of the key things Marian discusses in this precise book are- ERP Technology and it’s effects on modern-day business, how ERP helps to re-engineer your business method, explaining the ERP life-cycle, etc.

One of the remarkable points we need to mention here. Unlike any other beginner guides, the author tries to explain the risks of implementing ERP alongside its immense possibilities at the same time. However, the risks depend on your choice. If you are able to find the best ERP Software for your system, you will resolve this issue from the beginning.

Good to Great

good to great-erp-books

Amongst all the keenly related ERP books, we care to include this one for a unique reason. Good to Great is one of the most popular managerial non-fictions in recent times. When you want to understand enterprise resource planning, you should have a robust grip on your role as a manager of your company. To this intent, you can get your hand on it for sure.

In this book, Jim Collins is continuing his endeavor which he began with Built to last, a compelling study of the 90’s big company’s win over time and how they become great ones. Good to great deals with quite the opposites. Jim find that even the not so good or mediocre business firms also making an impact in the new millennium. How they are doing it? Eventually, this book tries to find out the managerial methods of sustaining in the industry even with an average aspect or service.

So before you go for an ERP solution, you can check-out this book where to put your business information in the right way, then make a difference.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

If you like the phrase “back to the basics”, Mary Sumner’s Enterprise Resource Planning can be a pathfinder. This book follows a generic approach to explore all the ERP elements and their co-relations step by step. Therefore it mainly discusses the business processes redesign, changes that take place in organizational structure, and effective management strategies that boost the business process fruitfully.

Some of the major chapters focus on the evolution of ERP system, planning, design, and ERP implementation, its relationship to sales and marketing, accounting and finance, etc.

The main goal of this book is to accumulate a clear idea of competitiveness, responsiveness, productivity, and the global impact of ERP. So if you want to know which topics you should consider and rethink before going for an ERP software, this book is of great help.


How to Select Your ERP Without Losing Your Mind

how to select ERP

Selecting an ERP system that exactly matches your business is always challenging. The risk lies in this stage. More than 60% of companies find that it takes a longer time to implement an ERP. 74% of ERP projects exceed their budget. So, it becomes a headache for the managers since the beginning.

The book we are talking about right now is meant to get you out of this trouble. It will give you a clear idea of small to large facts that impact your decision making. It successfully provides complete insight, intelligence, and ERP information. This approach guides you to a strategic ERP process for evaluating your systems. Therefore, all the step by step discussion helps you to select the perfect ERP software for your business.

Andy Pratico is a seasoned industry professional for more than 35 years. His explanations are edible and fact-base. Hence, you can share his on-hand ERP implementation experience with hundreds of manufacturers throughout the US and Canada. The major focus of this book is to address the common reasons for ERP failings, and it tries to facilitate the issues in the easiest fashion.

Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning

Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning

This is a highly conceptual beginner’s guide to ERP. Though primarily designed for the students, this ERP book can be a great way to learn and understand enterprise resource planning from scratch. It explains all the necessary ERP components and methods in a friendly manner. Therefore, it provides an in-depth introductory lesson to ERP tools and the easiest method to implement them in your company.

Besides the fundamental discussions, the latest edition includes all the changes and the ever-changing landscapes of ERP industries. This helps to know the updates and how it will going to take shape in the near future.

The main objective that Ellen Monk and Bret Wagner try to achieve in this book is showing the reader how most of the information fails due to a lack of proper ERP knowledge. And then, they will show you how to get yourself prepare for the obvious.

ERP: Make it Happen

ERP make it happen

Thomas F. Wallace and Michael H. Kremzar co-wrote this book back in 2001. Even after decades, it remains one of the sought after ERP books, the credit goes to its insightful examples of successful ERP implementation. The most important things before starting a journey are to learn and research your path very well (if not completely). ERP: Make IT happen is just what you need before you go for an ERP solution.

This book shows which elements works behind an ERP implementation success. How the managers were maintaining great resource planning? What makes their ERP success in the past decades. Nonetheless, it’s an enjoyable read. Moreover, you can avail step by step guidelines to set your course in the right direction.

Maximizing Return on Investment Using ERP Applications

Maximizing ROI using ERP books

Art Worster, Thomas R. Weirich, and Frank Andera collaborating with their deep industry knowledge in this book, Maximizing Return of Investment Using ERP Application. it discusses the simplest way to gear up your system with the perfect ERP tools for your business. There are some crucial factors like leadership, wealth management, and decision making. This book shows you the way how to improve on these sectors. So with each chapter, you can go further to the idea of your success with ROI.

Enterprise resource planning is a big idea. Consequently, you may end up investing a lot of money in your ERP process. Though, the open-source make it easier more than ever. ERP plugins like WP ERP saves your time, money, and effort and help you achieve more.

However, it’s never been easy to select an ERP tool. The main goal of this software is to streamline your business process and improve your ROI by itself. So, you shouldn’t let it spend the big chunk of investment from your total budget.

Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems

Integrated business process

It’s one of the popular ERP books that deal with the key processes supported by modern ERP Systems. It’s designed as a complete ERP course for students and professionals alike. If you want to learn the fundamentals of enterprise resource planning within an interactive approach, you can rely on Simha R. Magal and Jeffrey Word.

It’s particularly written for the SAP systems. However, you will get a compelling discussion on ERP basics. Therefore, the writers examine the core concepts which can be applicable to all ERP environments. Then they try to explain how those concepts can play a crucial role in your business processes. Some of the major focuses of this book are – active learning, running ERP case-study, and real-world examples.

If you are familiar with SAP ERP, maybe this is the ultimate ERP book you need.

Enterprise Resource Planning Concepts

erp books concept

Co-written by Gene Caiola and Dr. Jill O’Sullivan, this is another top ERP book that can enrich your concepts at ease. It discusses all the complex EP elements which you need to know and improve to stay atop of your competitors. Furthermore, it discusses a strategic way to make a better decision to select ERP tools you need. If shows you how to minimize costs, and reduce ERP implementation risk and improve ROI with a powerful information management system.

Some of the key chapters explain the advantages of ERP in a changing world, the learning process of the visual enterprise system, complete function analysis with all the possible ERP modules a software may have. Then it shows you examples of a handful of ERP implementation that sustains and grows to success.

However, it’s not that impactful compared to the earlier entry in our list ( Concepts in ERP by Ellen Monk). But you can take it as an additional read attached to that one for sure.

What’s the Best ERP Book for Better Understanding


We believe you can take your time and give a shot to each of the ERP books. Then research which ones have the most potential to aid you to reach your goals. Hence, one short piece of advice our experts want to share with you.

There are no final words in learning. And if a book seems great, there are more great books we may never heard of yet.

To establish better resource planning, there’s no other way than learning. Now that you’ve got through our list, what do you think? Do you have any particular books in mind? Let us know. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below!

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