How to Render Support Tickets To Your Customers With WP ERP

In your business that deals with customers, getting to have your own customer support ticket system is an imperative part. Once you promote or sell your product, there might be countless questions that may arise in the mind of your customers. And you need to attend those queries in a smart & systematic way. And providing support tickets to your customers directly for your CRM system can be addressed as a smart way of handling such a situation.

Now, in order to make your support ticketing smoother, WP ERP came with the right solution at the right time. Want to know how you can easily assign support tickets to your customers using WP ERP? Then keep reading this post to find out about it and more. But before that, let’s quickly learn how it is advantageous for the customers and the business at the same time.

Why Businesses Need Online Ticketing Support to Customers

Importance of WP ERP Ticket Support

In order to make the online communication process streamlined, an integrated ticket support system has no alternative in the business. So why exactly companies need an effective customer ticketing support system? Let’s find out right here.

Multi-channel Communication:

A platform that provides an online ticketing system comes with a common platform that handles overall customer communications. You are able to manage the interactions of the clients via various channels like live chat, social media, email, phone, etc. all at the same single place.

Automation with Improved Efficiency:

It all becomes really easy to manage your task deadline starting from assigning tickets to any particular representatives to building preset replies for FAQ. The productivity of your team takes a big leap when the automation process of the ticketing system comes into effect in full swing.

Track the Performance of Support:

Monitoring your team’s performance and progress seamlessly can enhance your team’s competence to a great deal. A complete report exposes the obstacles quicker, and enable you to rectify the bad performances faster. This improves customer satisfaction maintaining better customer service standards.

Easier Self-service option for Customers:

Sometimes customers look for detailed articles with various resources & solutions about your products or services. With the self-service option, customers can get what they are looking for from the site themselves. This minimizes their of reaching out to your customer support team all the time.

Enhance Support Team Capabilities:

Nowadays having your CRM, project management and email marketing solution integrated with the ticketing system is highly essential for your business to grow. This provides the customer with constant information about the business that they are looking for.

Improve the loyalty of customers:

In addition to an effective customer service program, getting your business with an online ticket system will only get your customers more engaged with your products and services, improving your customer loyalty. These clients might just work as a brand ambassador spreading the good word of mouth about their experiences with your product and business.

Get Started with WP ERP’s Support Tickets System

A number of popular online or service-based businesses such as multi-vendor marketplace, travel-site marketplace or any business that is dedicated towards customer service requires providing support tickets to their customers for their business to run smoothly.

WP ERP Support Ticket

In this post, the integration of Awesome Support with WP ERP to be used as an example to demonstrate the rendering of the support ticket. WP ERP CRM module in sync with Awesome Support enables its users to provide support tickets totally hassle-free. In the game of customer support service provider for WordPress, Awesome Support is a popular name.

The plugin represents itself as a complete help desk solution with great abilities to handle support tickets of customers. You get to enjoy all your client-related functionalities such as generating tickets, email notification customizations, attachment of files, multiple agent assignments and lots of add-ons.

And for all of this with the extra option of better customer management then you better get it with WP ERP Awesome Support Sync as this will totally transform your CRM into a full-fledged customer support system.

So how exactly can you do it without any stress in WP ERP?

In order to be able to render support tickets, at first, you will need your WordPress site to have WP ERP CRM module integrated with Awesome Support after installing WP ERP and Awesome support plugin.

Assuming you have your WP ERP set up on your WordPress site. So how do you get to the point where you could enable yourself to provide your customers support ticket? Here is the complete process explained.

Modules You will Need

Once you are done with your WP ERP setup, check for the modules that are activated. In order for the support ticket to work, you need to have your CR Management modules active.


You can simply get to the Modules section of WP ERP, and look for the active modules from the available list of modules. You have to make sure the CR Management module is check marked.

Install Awesome Support

Now you will need to download, install and activate Awesome Support Plugin. For that, you will have to follow the same process of adding plugins. Search for the plugin in the ‘Add Plugins’ search tab to install and activate Awesome Support. 

WP ERP Awesome Support Sync zip-file

The integration with WP ERP and Awesome Support comes in the Pro version. So you will need to get the WP ERP Awesome Support Sync zip-file from the provider and then upload it by choosing the plugin installation file from your computer.

Install WP ERP Awesome Support Sync

Once the file is ready after installation, you will have to press the ‘Activate Plugin’ button to complete the activation process.

Activate Awesome Support plugin

Now the process of activation is complete, so, therefore, you are all set to get access to the Awesome Support Setting.

Awesome Support Settings

You can get to WP ERP settings of the CRM tab to update the Awesome Support Setting as per your requirements.

Opening & Attending A Support Ticket

Once you have all the necessary plugins setup, your account is all ready to provide support tickets to your customer.

WP ERP Open New Ticket

Now any user can simply log in to their account and send a support ticket for free. Click on the Get Support tab from the frontend Dashboard to open a new ticket. You will find a similar page to the one shown above. Pick the type of ticket you want to open and then submit it by writing its subject and details in the given box.

Submitted support ticket

Once the ticket has been posted, someone from the admin or support team will attend that ticket.

All support tickets

All the tickets will be compiled and can be accessed in the Tickets tab from the backend. You can update status or respond to all the submitted tickets from here. 

CRM Contact list support tickets

The data of each ticket opened via Awesome Support are also saved and displayed in the contact details of each individual customer contact of CRM.

Note: Similarly Zendesk and HelpScout also enable the user to provide support tickets with WP ERP CRM.

Make The Best Use of Support Ticket To Improve Customer Satisfaction

When you are responsible and committed toward better customer service then it means you need to stay connected and personal with your customers all the time. You got to understand your customer’s journey, what they want and then listen to their queries patiently. This is the key to better customer service that improves customer satisfaction. And so the process of support ticket only adds up to the cause better customer service.

In the same way, providing support tickets with WP ERP also ensures a smart way of handling customers that any growing business desires. So you might want to take this advantage customer management process from WP ERP and use it in your favor to boost your business and customer happiness.

Want to check out what other exciting features WP ERP has in store for you? Then have a look at:

So how do you prefer to provide your customer support ticket to your customer? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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