Easy Ways To Organize and Keep Track on Tasks Using Project Manager Pro

A smart project manager always completes projects & tasks in the given time. Because s/he believes that the success of projects & tasks largely depends on the proper use of time & hard work. That’s why s/he follows the effective task management strategies to accomplish the business goals.

Project managers provide teams with proper guideline over the course of a project and are dedicated to solving problems in due time.

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In this article, you’ll be going to know how to manage tasks effortlessly and distribute them to your co-workers using WP Project Manager. Furthermore, we’ll also share some effective information about task management strategies that could expand opportunities to grow your business.

Well, let’s dive into the discussion.

How To Organize Your Projects Activities with Project Manager Pro

task management strategies

To get started with Project Manager Pro, you’ll need the following requirements. So make sure that you’ve successfully fulfilled all these requirements

However, suppose you have installed them perfectly. Now follow the rest of the steps.

After Installing Project Manager Pro on your site, it will look like the following screenshot. And from here you can able to see the entire projects at a glance.

task management strategies
The dashboard of Project Manager Pro

Overview of Project

After creating projects perfectly, you’ll able to see the project insight. For example, activities, discussions, task lists, milestones, files, and general settings, etc.

Project Overview
Project Overview

Discuss with Your co-workers

You can interconnect with your co-workers here. While creating or handling any projects you may need to communicate with your managers, assigned workers and so on. So the discussion tab could help you out to do that swiftly.

To do that,  navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Project Manager → Projects → Select a project.

task management strategies

Next, click on ‘Discussion Tab

Task management strategies with Project manager pro

Then click on ‘Add new discussion‘. In this way, you can able to create an open discussion, group discussion, and private conversation.

How to add a discussion
Adding discussions

So after finalizing the process, you can also mention the co-workers by entering their names. And also leave a message for them to ask about the work progress.

Mentioning co-workers

Listing Tasks & Assigning co-workers

Managing tasks and distribute them to the eligible employee is very important for the project manager. And WP Project Manager lets you perform that crucial part easily. Also, you can create several task lists to organize your project tasks easily.

So here you can put the task name and a little bit of description, give milestones if needed. And then click on ‘Add Task’.

How to create tasks in Project manager

Doing the same process, all your tasks will appear on your screen. And you can see the tasks you’ve created earlier.

task management strategies

Click the “eye” icon to get a single view of a task list. If you click on the icon, you will be redirected to this single task list page and also know the progress of your task.

Task progress

Adding Tasks Inside The Task List

This section will help you to manage tasks swiftly within a few clicks. And you along with your co-worker will easily see the full task management in one place.

Anyways, to add tasks to a task list, just click on the following (red) marked area and type the task name. And then click on ‘Add New’ when you’re done.

So following the same process accordingly, all your tasks will appear like the following one.

Task management

Customizing Task

You can do more inside the task. For example, you can select the date, set recurrence, adding sub-task, comments and so on. And also assign other co-workers to your task to finish it in time.

Task Management process

After finishing with all the tasks, and requirements click the tick button. And finally, click on the ‘Mark Complete‘ button.

In this way, you can manage & organize tasks and share them with your co-workers. So it will be beneficial for both you & your co-workers to finish every project collaboratively.

Anyways, in the next section, we’ll be going to know how you can track task progress and generate the report so that you can measure work progress per day, week or month.

How To Track Task Progress Using Project Manager Pro

Keeping track of every bit of task is essential to ensure work progress. Otherwise, you can’t define how much time, hard work or effort will need to accomplish project goals.

However, we’re going to share how you can track your task progress using Project Manager Pro to maintain continuous productivity among the co-workers.

Task Management with Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is well-known to manage tasks easily. And also it allows you to see the schedules of every task created in projects. So as a project manager, using this module of WP Project Manager will expand your chances to input more valuable data inside your projects.

So we’ll show how you can keep track of your project task using the Gantt Chart.

Note: You can know the activation procedure of the Gantt Chart module from here

After activating the Gantt Chart in your WordPress site, you’ll see it in the red marked area.

To access your Gantt Chart, navigate to Project Manager → Projects → Select any project you wish to view

How to Use Gantt Chart

Expansion of Tasks

This is really a useful & interesting thing about Gantt Chart. Yes, it allows you to expand the task duration of tasks. You can do this if you think your task may need more time to finish.

As you can see on the top, the date, day and month. You can easily expand your tasks by dragging to the left or right by clicking and holding the edges of the tasks. So as a project manager it will be a super useful feature for you.

However, let’s see how to do that.

How to Use Gantt Chart

Moving The Tasks

If you want to drive a particular task to a later or an earlier date, you can perform it easily. All you need to do is click and hold the task and then drag and drop to your aspired date.

Task management process with Gantt Chart

Adding Tasks & Task Lists

You can create new tasks in the Gantt Chart. But you’ll not able to create outside the category. That means all you can do is creating a new task while keeping it categorized.

To do that, click on the (+) button.

Task management tips

A window will appear where you’ll input data. From here, you can add new tasks and fulfill requirements.

Adding Tasks in Gantt Chart

Linking Tasks with Each Other

Accomplishing any project, you may need different tasks to collaborate at the same time. For instance, you can do that linking tasks with other tasks in the Gantt Chart.

First of all, you will have to click on a taskbar after that you will get two circles. Then you can click on one of those circles and drag them to connect with other tasks’ circles.

In these ways, you can utilize the Gantt Chart to track and organize tasks in projects. Moreover, you can work with your co-workers collaboratively and maintain work progress.

However, you can check out the following video tutorial to know more information in detail.

Task Management with Kanban Board

Using Kanban Board not only helps you select all your current tasks but also lets you create tasks within a certain project. And also you can organize them in a precise and effective way. This is a pro feature of the WP Project manager and so you will have to use the business version of the plugin.

However, we’ll show how you can manage, organize & track project tasks proactively using Kanban Board.

Note: You can know the activation procedure of the Kanban Board easily from here

So, after activating the Kanban Board you’ll find it from here.

To get Kanban Board, go to Project Manager → Projects → Select any project you wish to view → Click on Task Lists tab.

Task management strategies with Kanban Board
Task management strategies with Kanban Board

After clicking on the vertical bar icon you will get the Kanban Board. And it will be looked like this one.

Managing tasks with Kanban Board

Default Options of Kanban Board

You can see some options are visible at the top. But you can rewrite them according to your process.

Managing Kanban board

Customizing Default Options

If you’re not satisfied with the default options, you can edit them. And insert the desired name.

Managing the Kanban board

Next, if you want to add more boards, you can do that by just clicking the button of your keyboard to create the new board.

Adding New Tasks

You can add new tasks in two ways. Clicking on (+) button or at the bottom of the board. That means you can perform all the crucial part here in a few clicks.

Import Task to Kanban Board

Now you can show your tasks on your Kanban view option by simply importing the tasks you already created. To do that just click on the button and then select the task you want to import.

Click import when you are finished. In this way, you do the same process for all the boards and import important tasks inside your desired board. Thus you can easily manage, organize and customize, moreover track your tasks using Kanban Board.

However, if you’re looking for more, you can check out the following video tutorial.

Proven Task Management Strategies You Can Follow


Smart project manager always follows the latest trends to provide quality support & collaboration to co-workers. So as a project manager, if you want to increase efficiency & productivity among your co-workers, then you have to rely on smart and strategic task management methods.

87% of project managers from high-performing companies utilize project management software – Wrike

But unfortunately, a study by Cornerstone says, work overload reduces productivity by 68% in employees. So its a very serious issue for a project manager. Then which method should a project manager follow? Yes, in this section, we’ll discuss that matter. And surely, you can boost up your co-workers by the following tips.

  • Make a to-do lists
  • Segment the most important task
  • Schedule tasks at the right time
  • Be friendly & flexible towards your co-workers
  • Set a deadline
  • Breakdown task as per sprint-wise
  • Utilize project management tools
  • Be more co-operative
  • Try brainstorm before starting any task
  • Believe in team collaboration
  • Inspire your co-workers to get the best from him/her
  • Always communicate with the co-workers

These are the vital task management strategies to reduce project management failure. So if you can implement these tactics perfectly, surely you can get the best result and also you can achieve project goals.

Are You Implementing Task Management Strategies on Your Business?

Well, the main purpose of this article is to make you concern about project task management and how to keep track of it. As a project manager, we hope that you get something useful here.

So if you still don’t implement those strategies, it’s high time for you to acknowledge their importance. Otherwise, you’ll fail to achieve project management goals. In that case, you must utilize such a solution where you could able to perform and do more activities with your co-workers combinedly.

Anyways, if you have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to put your queries in the comment section. We’ll try our best to provide you with the best. Thanks

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