How To Activate & Deactivate WP ERP Premium Extensions

It’s time to show the process of activating/deactivating the premium extensions of WP ERP Pro.

To do that, navigate to Dashboard>Updates. Here you can get the final update of your purchased package. So click on the update button and your license will automatically work for the latest purchase that you made earlier.

So after you update the latest file navigate to the WP ERP>Modules. Here you will find all the purchased extensions.

Now tap on the ‘Purchased‘ button.

Let’s say you have purchased a Pro plan that includes the following extensions:-

  • Document Manager
  • Recruitment
  • Reimbursement
  • SMS Notification
  • Training
  • Workflow

Now activate the extension (Document Manager) by tapping on the blue button. Therefore, it will automatically activate after a short refresh.

WP ERP Premium Extensions

Now if you want to deactivate any extension that you don’t want to use right now, simply follow the same process.

WP ERP Premium Extensions

That’s it!

Activating Extensions After Purchasing Separately

So, activating extensions that come with the pro package is somewhat straightforward.

But how about the extensions that you will buy separately?

There are two options.

  1. The license will be updated from our server every two hours. So, after purchasing any extra extensions, you don’t need to do anything. Just wait for two hours and you will automatically find the purchased extensions available to enable.
  2. You can update the Pro package right after purchasing extensions (upgrading the plan). Then the extensions will be available for you to enable.


Let’s check out the frequently asked questions by the users. Hopefully it will help you understand more details about WP ERP Pro.

Q1:- Can I always activate or deactivate my purchased extensions?

Of course you can do anytime. Just make sure that you have switched of the extension correctly. That’s it!

Q2:- What happens if I don’t update the license manually?

Well, after you purchase any new plan, you’ll get a new updated license. Basically, WordPress checks for license for every two hours. So if you don’t update it manually, then after two hours it will be updated automatically.

On the other hand, if you want immediate action, then you’re requested to update it by yourself. To do that navigate to WordPress>WP ERP>License>Save & Activate.

Q3:- Should I keep the old file after downloading the new one?

It’s better to delete the previous file before installing the newly-downloaded file. Otherwise, the update will not work properly and you’ll not get the features in real-time. So it’s wise to delete every old files before purchasing or going to install new files.

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