How To Migrate WP ERP Pro Packages

Migrating to the WP ERP pro packages is not a hard task. The entire process is so easy that anyone can just you need to follow some steps.

However, our new WP ERP pro package will let you use all the extensions & their features in one place. So if you’re an existing user & have been using WP ERP for a while, now it’s time to migrate your plan to WP ERP Pro.

So, let’s get into the process:-

You need to purchase/migrate to WP ERP Pro in order to use any of the extensions.

After purchasing WP ERP Pro, you’ll get 9 in-built extensions with the package. For this, you don’t have to purchase them again.

Here are the default extensions with the WP ERP Pro:-

  • Advanced leave management (WP ERP Extension)
  • Awesome support sync (Third-party)
  • Gravity support sync (Third-party)
  • Help scout integration (Third-party)
  • Mailchimp contact sync (Third-party)
  • Salesforce contact sync (Third-party)
  • Hubspot contact sync (Third-party)
  • WP ERP HR Frontend (WP ERP Extension)
  • Zendex Integration (Third-party)

Migrating to WP ERP Pro

Suppose, you’re using WP ERP (old plan) with 7 different extensions,

The extensions are:-

  • Asset Manager
  • Custom field builder
  • Document manager
  • Recruitment
  • Workflow
  • Awesome support
  • Hubspot

And you have been spending $80.

Now, to make a switch to WP ERP Pro, navigate to the pricing page.

Note: As you’re already a registered user, so you don’t have to register again. You’ll already be logged into your account.

So here is how the new pricing page looks like:-

Next, select the extension that you were using before.

  • Asset Manager
  • Custom field builder
  • Document manager
  • Recruitment
  • Workflow
  • Awesome support (built-in extension with the package)
  • Hubspot (built-in extension with the package)
  • For 20 users (new)

So after selecting the extensions, your monthly subscription bill is $99.94. Then click on the buy now button.

Your previous subscription bill was only $80, but after migrating to WP ERP Pro, your subscription bill is $99.94.

So don’t worry, the extra amount will be deducted as a discount😊

For instance, you need to notify our support team. And then you’ll get a special coupon. So, you’ll get $99.94 – $80 = $19.94 as a discount for using the new WP ERP Pro plan.

So this is how you can migrate to WP ERP Pro.

Important note: In case your subscription bill is below than the previous bill, we’ll not provide any refund to you. So you’ll get a free download file to use.

Downloading & Activating License

To get the package, download the ‘Zip File‘ from here.

How To Migrate WP ERP Pro

And then upload it on your WordPress site.

Next copy the license keys and paste the keys here. To do that WP ERP>License. And click on the ‘Save & Activate‘.

How To Migrate WP ERP Pro

That’s it! Now enjoy the new features of WP ERP Pro.


Some quires may be going around on your mind. In this regard, we have shared some possible queries that you may ask. It will help to understand more about the migration process and its related things.

So let’s get started:-

Q1: Suppose, I have been using the old ERP plan, and I have still 6 months for the renew. So what will be the migration process?

In that case, you need to purchase the WP ERP Pro (new plan). But as you have still 6 months to renew your plan, we’ll give you 50% discount & attach it with the current plan.

That means if your current subscription bill is $80, so after the discount, you’ll need to pay only $40.

Q2: Can I migrate all the previous extensions data in the new package?

Yes. You don’t have to worry about losing any of your data. It will automatically migrate to the Pro versions.

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