WP ERP User Capping

WP ERP user capping is a new pricing model we have added to the pro version. Now, customers need to select the number of users they are going to add to their ERP site. Based on the user number, the total amount will be calculated.

We brought some changes to our pricing. Pricing based on the user is one of them. Now, pricing will be decided based on the total number of user+the base price for the Pro version+the extension of your choice.

Customers have to pay $3 per user.

But, there may be confusion on how the users are being calculated and who are the users. So, read this documentation and then decide how many users do you need for your site.

The site admin/owner is not counted as an user.

User Capping – Explained

You already know there are three modules,

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Accounting

For HRM Module

The users in the HRM module of WP ERP are employees. So, all the “active” employees will be counted as a user.

inactive, terminated employees will not be counted as users.

So, if you purchase a package for 5 users, then you can create 5 active employees.

active employees

There are 4 roles with all the modules combined,

  • HR manager
  • CRM manager
  • CRM agent
  • Accounting manager.
erp roles

Now, suppose you have assigned the HR manager and Accounting manager role to one of your employees. That means the employee has two roles besides being an employee.

But still, that will be counted as one user instead of three.

For CRM Module

Suppose, you have disabled the HR module. That means the HR manager role will not be available. Only three will be available,

If you create a contact for the CRM module of WP ERP, that won’t be counted as a user. Unless you assign one of the 3 roles to that contact. You can do that by creating a WP user account for your contact.

  • CRM manager
  • CRM agent
  • Accounting manager.
CRM roles

But, if you assign the CRM manager role and CRM agent role to one of the contacts, then that will be counted as one user.

crm contacts

For Accounting

Similarly to the CRM module, if you disable the HR and CRM module and then assign the Accounting manager role, then that will be counted as a user.

However, if you go to Tools-> Status, you will be able to view the number of unique users. That is the total number of users on your site. Based on that, you can choose the number of users while purchasing.

unique users

All in all, the employees will be counted as a user, if you want to assign ERP roles you can. But one employee will be counted as one. In case of CRM and Accounting module, if you assign them any ERP roles, then they will be counted as a user.

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