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Understanding The ERP System Status Report

The ERP System Status Report is handy for troubleshooting issues with your store. Containing a wide variety of information and tools, you can check software versions, server settings, and more from within.

System Status

To view your ERP system status report, navigate to Admin → WP ERP → Tools → Status.


There are two buttons. If you click on the Get System Report, you can copy all the details you need to create a support ticket.

System Report button

You can easily copy all the details if you click on Copy For Support. Or if you want you can view the documentation by clicking on the Understanding The Status Report.

Copy for support

Note: Before getting into the systems there is one thing you should know. The values of every setting will change based on your website settings. It will not be the same as the screenshots below.


This provides general information about the WP ERP system and the features you have enabled.


ERP Settings

You can view all the information about the settings.

ERP Settings

WordPress Environment

This provides general information about your site and WordPress installation and features you have enabled.

WordPress Environment

Server Environment

This provides general information about your server.

Server environment_system status report_system status report


This tells you your current database version, and lists all database tables and whether or not they exist.


Post Type Counts

This shows what post types exist on your store and how many posts exist within each type. Varies according to what plugins you have installed.

Post Type Counts_system status report


Displays whether your connection is protected. Errors should be hidden from untrusted visitors trying to view your information.


Active Plugins

This displays all WooCommerce-related plugins installed on your site. You can view current version numbers of your software and if any extensions have updates available.

Active plugins_system status report


This displays information about the current theme running on your installation.


That is all for Understanding The ERP System Status Report.

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