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Sending Emails Using PreBuilt Templates

WP ERP version 1.5.6 has been released. As always there are new and unique features added for users to make their life easier.

Now, you can send readymade email templates with WP ERP HRM, CRM, Accounting. You can send emails for,

  • Employee welcome
  • New Leave Request
  • Approved Leave Request
  • Rejected Leave Request
  • Birthday Wish
  • Work Anniversary Wish
  • New Task Assigned
  • New Contact Assigned
  • Birthday Greetings To Contacts
  • New transaction purchase
  • New transaction invoice
  • New transaction payment
  • New transaction estimate
  • New transaction purchase order.

To send emails, go to WP ERP→Settings→Emails→General.

Email template setting

If you scroll down you will see all the emails we have listed above. As there are many emails, we have divided the emails into three groups,

HRM, send emails to your employees.


CRM, emails for your contacts.


Accounting, send emails for transactions and purchases. These emails were sent automatically in the past. However, now we have given the toggle option so that you can choose whether to send any of these emails.


Choose your template and hit Configure.

EMail listing

You will be redirected to the configure page. Configure the email as to your liking. Then click on Save Changes.

Configure Email template

Your email template will be saved. Now you can send this email to your employees.

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