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With the release of WP ERP version 1.4.0, you will get a Dashboard from which you can get an overview of your entire business. To go to the WP ERP Dashboard, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → Dashboard.

This dashboard is basically the summarized version of all the other there dashboards. Here, you will find five sections. They are:

  • Latest Announcement: This section shows the latest announcement you make in the system. There is a “View All” button. As the name suggests, if you click this button you will be able to view all the announcements that you made in the past.
  • CRM: In this section, you can instantly get to know how many contacts or companies you have saved in the CRM system. Moreover, you will also be able to see the contacts and companies according to their life stages. You will also find a “View Now” button. Clicking on this button will take you to the CRM Dashboard.
  • HR: This section will allow you to see the number of employees, departments, and designations. There is also a “View Now” button with which you can go directly to the HR Dashboard.
  • Accounting: This section allows you to get a quick view of how much balance you do have in your Petty Cash and Savings account. Besides, you can also get to know the number of revenues broken down in income and expenses. Like the CRM and HR section, you will also get a “View Now” button. If you hit this button, you will be taken to the Accounting Dashboard.
  • RSS feed: This feed shows the most recent blog posts, news, updates and tips and tricks about WP ERP.
  • Stay up to date: This section demands your email to remain up to date so that you can get all the latest news, business offers, templates and extensions in the form of email right onto your Gmail inbox.

That’s all about the WP ERP Dashboard.

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