Assigning a contact to a company

When you are dealing with multiple contacts, it is only natural that you may meet multiple representative contacts from the same company.

Even if that is not the case, maybe you have specific contract terms for contacts who come from the same company. And you would like to group them under the same company name.

Handling all these varieties of interactions from a single page solves a lot of inconveniences.

  1. Navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM→ Contacts.
  2. Go to the contact you want to add.
  3. Scroll down or find the button +Assign a company.

3. Now choose a company by typing its name.

4. You can assign multiple companies as much as you like to a single contact, but separately. You can also delete a company if you need to.

That’s how you can assign a contact to a company.

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