In the Activities Section, if you want to filter the logs you can do that easily using the built-in filtering option.

View all the actions taken by your agents without needing to open each profile.

Go to WP Admin Dashboard → WP ERP → CRM → Activities.

Activities filtering option gives you 4 types of data to filter to. You can choose

  • Type of log
  • Log created by
  • Log created for (contact or company)
  • Log creation date

Type of log

When selecting a type of log you can select from New Note, Email, Log Activity, Schedule, Tasks, SMS, Email Campaign.

Log created by

You can also filter logs by who created a particular event. You can select all or individual someone.

Log created for

From WP ERP v1.3.6, users will be able to search for both contacts and companies using this drop-down filter.

Filter option for which customer the log was created. You can search for a name and select.

It will automatically filter by your given information.

Log creation date

To filter by date go to Created Date menu and select your desired date.


After selecting a date it will filter the activities by that date.

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