Creating Invoice

If you are going to sell your inventories, you have to use this section of the system.

To record an inventory sales transaction, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > WP ERP > Accounting > Sales.

Now, click on “Create Invoice“.

You will get the following options to Create Invoice:

Customer: Select a customer from the dropdown if you already created customers. If not, create a new customer using the “+Add New” option.

Transaction Date: Enter the date on which you are making the Invoice.

Due Date: Select the date by which your customer must pay the dues.

Billing Address: Write the billing address of your customer. Most of the time this field will be auto-filled provided that you have entered the billing address for your customer from all along.

Item details: Select the inventories you want to sell from this section. There are options like Quantity, Unit Price, Amount, etc.

Tax Rates: If you have tax rates set from the beginning, they will automatically be set here.

Add Line: If you want to create an invoice for multiple items then use this option.

Particulars: Give a description of the Transaction using this option.

Attachment: You can attach product images with this option.

Now, hit the Save button to record the transaction.

That’s it!

Next, you will be able to see your invoice in the following list of sales transactions:

If you click on the voucher no. then you will be able to view the invoice:

If you click on the three vertically aligned dots then you will get options to edit the invoice and options to receive the payment for this invoice:

Edit: Use this option to edit the invoice.

Receive Payment: Click on this option to receive payment for this invoice.

On clicking on the receive payment option, you will get the following page to complete the payment process.

Now, you will have to select the payment method and the deposit account type (Cash or Bank). Finally hit the ‘Save‘ button to get it done.

That’s all about the inventory sales transaction.

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