Create Purchase Order

If you want to purchase anything on credit from a vendor then you can quote those purchase orders with this option. This will give you an idea before making any purchase payment.

The best part is that you can even edit the purchase amount any time. It’s similar to create purchase but the difference is that you can not make payment for a purchase order.

To create a purchase order follow these steps:

Step: 1

To create a purchase order, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > WP ERP > Accounting > Transactions > Purchases.

Step: 2

Now, click on New Transaction > Create Purchase Order.

Step: 3

Next, fill out the purchase order form with Vendor name, Transaction Date, Due Date, Reference No, Billing Address, Product items, Quantity, Unit Price, Amount, Particulars, Attachment, etc. You can also use the “+Add Line” to enter multiple product items.

Finally, hit the Save button to create the Purchase order.

View, Edit, Delete Purchase Orders

You will be able to view the purchase order in the Puchase Transaction dashboard:

You will also be able to view, edit or delete the transaction if you want to.

That’s all about creating a purchase in WP ERP Accounting.

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