Create Check

In this section, we will discuss how a check can be created for an expense. If the amount of the transaction is big, a check can be used to minimize the risk.

Creating Check

To create a check,navigate to WP Admin Dashboard→WP ERP→Accounting→Transactions→Expense.

Now, Click on “New Transaction”.Select “Create Check” from the drop-down menu.

Now, choose the vendor that you are going to pay for the purchase(Pay to), check no, choose the Account you are going to pay from.

You can choose a different type of expense items by clicking the “Add Line” button.

Then hit “Save” and your expense is created.

Then you will be able to see your expense on the dashboard.

Expense Dashboard

You can view the check history by clicking on the voucher number on the left-hand side of the transactions.

You will get a page like this.

If you click on the Three vertically aligned dots on the right side of the transaction, you will see an option called “Void”.If you click that button, then that transaction will become void. That means, that the selected transaction will be disabled.

After clicking the ‘dots’, you will see a option “void”.

That’s it!.

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