A Few Things To Look At Before Considering HRMS Software

If you simply type ‘Best HRMS software’ in your google search engine you will find thousands of results. Every software service provider of HRMS promises easy-to-use, cost-effective and the best possible software services. But before you consider any of those HRMS software you need to ask yourself a few questions to understand which one will suit your requirement for your business.

So this write-up will discuss some of the common questions you should ask yourself before considering an HRMS Software. This will give you a clear idea of what you need & expect from your chosen HRMS even before using it. As this software will eventually help you make an easy transition and provide you with results that you are expecting from it.  

Why do you need HRMS for your Company/Organization?

This is perhaps the very first thing that you need to understand before you actually decide to choose any HRMS. Sometimes we tend to underestimate the importance of understanding the basic idea of the necessity of using HRMS for your company. Overlooking this question might just keep you less informed about some of the key specification and requirement of your company.

So the answer to this will help you realize how to utilize the HRMS software for your company better. You will also be able to take a better decision in choosing the right HRMS for your company if you know the fundamental usage and necessity of HRMS beforehand.    

How reliable is that HRMS software?

The first thing that you need to find out before choosing any HRMS software is whether that software is a reliable one or not. To a large extent, this will depend on the reputation and for how long the vendor is satisfying their customers successfully. Having said that, no software can be absolutely 100% bug-free whether it is a renowned company or new. But there is a way to judge the reliability of that software to some extent by looking at its active install and the longevity of the vendor in this business.

More active installs and a longer vendor existence in the business means you will get sufficient opportunity to correct any issues you face with the software. So this can be the right approach to find out about any HRMS software’s reliability.

What are the services included in the purchase of HRMS software?

Now that your fundamental idea and reliability of HRMS is covered, so now you should worry about the services you are getting in your purchase of HRMS software.

More pricy HRMS software doesn’t always mean that you are going to get the best features, services & support with it. So you gotta be both careful and sensible while purchasing any HRMS software. You need to make sure you understand completely what you are signing up for with your HRMS software purchase. Sometimes most companies promise to have the best service and support in the market but in reality, it is just their publicity stunts.

So taking a little bit of time to do some online research about this will certainly help you find the best purchasing deal for you. If you are thinking about buying an HRMS software then most companies should automatically provide you with their pre-sale services. So if you are not clear about their packages or purchasing deals then make sure to reach to them finding every detail of the services and support that they will provide you with your purchase.

This will definitely help streamline your process of HRMS implementation and swell up the chances of your success. So with more prospect of getting a better return on investment (ROI), who wouldn’t like to have that.            

Will I get 24X7 support?

Suppose you have gone out of town or to a different country and your HRMS system suddenly goes down. In a situation like this if you require any technical support to resolve the issue right away then what would you do? In circumstances like this, you will need 24X7 support service from your software company to attend and resolve that issue.

So therefore before you actually buy any HRMS software it is quite essential for you to discover about their customer support service. You should confirm with them about whether they are available for customer support 24/7? Or will they just take calls at a certain time during the day? Also, you should ask whether you will have to wait up after leaving a message for their call back. Answers to these questions might just give you the idea of their activeness and emphasis on their after sales customer support.

How is their refund policy?

In many cases, this topic is widely neglected by the customers. But suppose for some reason, if you don’t like using their HRMS software and you demand a full online refund from the software company then what would you do? So for that reason, you should always have a clear knowledge about their refund policy before purchasing anything in case you want to discontinue using their software services.

Sometimes with many local software companies, it is almost next to impossible to get a refund of any kind after the software company receives the payment. So make sure you are completely aware of their refund policy and the number of days you can have it for a trial period before you could actually ask for a full or partial refund. This is some very important set of information that the customer tends to overlook prior to purchasing their next piece of software.              

How customizable is it to meet your business needs?

Being able to customize your HRMS software in order to meet your business needs is a demand for many customers these days. Different company has a different style of managing their resources, as a result, they might want just to customize their HRMS software. So if you are required to customize your HRMS software to meet any specific need then it would be wise for you to ask about it to the software company before purchasing it. 

For a private customization, many HRMS software companies will offer to negotiate with you. And any company worth your time will be willing to keep you happy as a customer. But in some cases, you might need to apply the give and take method with them. Though if you already know that your software requires a major customization then it would be better to look into all your options such as outsourcing, in-house development or partnering with software developers if you are looking for a price cut.  

Is the design scalable to your business growth?

HRMS being scalable in design normally means at a minimal cost it can easily adjust to your business growth. You might start small in the beginning but that doesn’t necessarily mean your business or company will always stay that small. With the increase in the size of your business and workforce, you will need to accommodate the changes and expansion in the long run. So it is imperative for you to know whether the HRMS software that you are willing to choose, is able to adapt to the expansion or not. Also, in the long run, will the cost of HRMS stay affordable or not.

So it is very crucial for you to know the HRMS that you choose is competent to grow as your company grows. Make sure that the HRMS you decide to use has the capacity to facilitate your business and company’s growth from Employee Management to Customer/Company management and more. As nobody wants to go through the circle of development, testing, customization to buy the software only to find out a year later the HRMS has become overpopulated and you need to replace it with a different one. So with a proper idea about the scalability of your HRMS before buying it, can save you from the hassle of replacing your software over and over again. This will indeed ensure facilitation of your company’s growth while customization or taking part in any additional requirement in the future.

Wrapping things up

Well, to be honest, choosing the best HRMS platform can be a tough endeavor for your business sometimes. If you are confused about what you want to do with the software then it may put you at the risk of purchasing an HRMS software that will leave your company with no or minimal solution to all their HRM challenges. It will be both waste of time and money that you will never get back.

But with an in-depth understanding of your company and the struggles, it is facing to manage the HR, some advance planning along with quick research about the HRMS software can save you from the risk of wasting unnecessary money over a less suitable HRMS platform.

So to help you get it right in your first shot, you may ask these questions to yourself before you can actually go on to make any HRMS software purchase. 

And if you are a WordPress user then you may also consider giving a shot at WP ERP to power up your small business. With WP ERP you can manage your entire HR department efficiently. And the most interesting part is – WP ERP is completely FREE. You get a feature-rich HR module with it. However, you will have to purchase premium extensions for extended functionalities. You can also try out the demo before buying anything. In that way, you will be able to get all the answer regarding your HRMS solution in one place even before you invest any money in it.

So what other things do you feel that needs to be considered before using HRMS? Let us know in the comment below.

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