Importance of HRM Communication and Real-time Feedback in Workplace

No matter whether you are working from home or office, the internal communication and real-time feedback with each other has its own importance for a quicker progress and development of any company. The business is getting bigger and competitions are rising every day. So all employees need to learn to communicate intelligently to keep up with it. In failure to a real-time feedback and a proper collaborative communication within the company may cause a formidable suffering. This may result in a drop-down of productivity decreasing the rate of engagement involved in a team-based project. It is indeed an ongoing process to build a strong bond among colleagues. It gives the right feedback to empower them to make an immediate impact. And it does push the responsible individual of the company to become accountable and more productive.

So looking past the essentiality of communication and real-time feedback in our workplace, it is indeed necessary for us to understand the real benefits we may have on proper utilization of communications and real-time feedback in our workplace.

Importance & Effects of HRM Communications in Workplace

Improves trust and employee engagement

In a workplace full of efficient employees, being open to any kind of communal or project related communication among team members or collaborators is an effective way to build trust and special bond between each other. This is also an essential attribute to establish and maintain employee engagement. Many large corporations follow this way of communication to alleviate any kind of awkwardness within the company employees. This ensures a much relaxed, pressure-free working environment. Which eventually results in a less gaucherie among each other while discussing each other’s annual progress & performances or even some personal issues for that matter.

So it is safe to say that even with some regular conversations with everyone involved in the project, the employees in the company gets much closer to each other including with the superintendent in charge. This process eventually increases the productivity and accountability of respective individuals within the company.

Creates a less stressful working environment

It is not possible to make any workplace absolutely stress free. But we can definitely reduce the level of stress by creating a relaxed and friendly working environment around the employees. A better working environment automatically means fewer employees will decide to leave the company more frequently and the company will require less hassle of recruiting new workforce on regular basis. Also, this avoids higher turnover rates of that company. So a good HRM communication held by the employees within the workplace provides better internal feedback and purpose of that company decreasing the company turnover rates increasing better engagement of employees.

In today’s competitive market, a company that provides its employee a welcoming and relaxed working place understanding their needs always has an edge over others in being able to retain their talented employees. Afterall for a company that relies heavily on employees to satisfy their customers, for them, it’s easy to understand that happy employees mean happy customers.

Supports & Empowers Middle Management better

Most corporate organizations cataract their information through their higher authorities. In a company filled with a number of different departments being involved, the information that is being transferred from the higher hierarchies around the office often gets lost before reaching to many of the middle people due to lack of HRM communication & higher level of self-involvement. This may result in a delay in project work completion with very minimal or no feedback coming from some responsible office individuals due to the message not reaching to them on time.

So, closing this gap of HRM communication by empowering the middle management group with their required information and resources will enable them to lead their team members better. This allows the company to better organize their workforce reducing the burden on middle management.

Keeps employees better updated on company issues

Sometimes your company might require a group of their employees to work remotely. This demands constant HRM communication with the company. The manager in charge needs to keep the team members up to date with any sudden developments that are taking place in the company. In failing to do so might make the employees feel less important and that their feedback doesn’t even matter to the company.

The people working remotely for your company needs to know whatever new information or developments that are being updated, be it about the deadlines of the project or company goals, or about their role in the project that is being executed etc. As you never know which piece of company issues updating you with might come in handy to manage and complete the project better.  This also improves the strategic adjustment of the company by establishing and conveying the company mission to the employees. Meaning the employees are well aware of the company objectives which will certainly help them to set targets and priorities based on company goals.

Handles company crisis better

In a time of company crisis, the timely HRM communication and careful steps with employees are what saves the day. The employee or a stakeholder will be able to observe the crisis from a neutral point of view from outside. So communicating with them to find out what are their insights on tackling this crisis can be handy. But in most scenario, the higher authorities underestimate the judgment of employees or stakeholders from outside. As they think they won’t be able to understand the crisis better than them.

Taking a different opinion from outside gives you a solution to a crisis from a different perspective. It might also help you resolve short/long term company crisis in future. So sharing company crisis with everyone present in the workplace might just be a good idea to resolve critical situations sometimes. No matter the size, reputation or management of your company, internal communication will allow you to tackle critical company crisis even before it hits it. It will probably prevent it from going through the same crisis beforehand in the future.

Importance & Effects of Real-Time Feedback in Workplace

Encourages Learning Process

Real-time feedback in your workplace provides the opportunity to learn and improve yourself constantly. The process of real-time feedback allows the supervisor to give an early review of the top performances. Also, the performance that needs to be improved. This helps the employees to rectify the mistakes quickly. So they can fix the things they need to work on to make it better. And this is an ongoing format of learning and self-development process that improves with regular real-time feedback in the workplace.

Energizes progress towards goal

Most companies move forward with a certain goal in mind. So for a goal based companies, a real-time feedback for their employees reminds them of their individual goals. A real-time feedback from the manager or supervisor helps the employees to set priorities in achieving their target. As any constructive feedback coming from their associates in a workplace keeps the employers on track. With the goals that they have promised to fulfill in their mind.

Increases proficiencies of service

Through real-time feedback, a company’s values and role-based proficiencies are identified. A company may find out about teamwork, risk-taking, dedication, and integrity as the event to highlight in the organization. And so real-time feedback empowers the managers in charge to understand these things in employees. To develop individual skills of service we need an effective workforce and real-time feedback from team members and leaders. But we often tend to forget the importance of it for being too absorbed into our own workload.

Takes away attention of performance reviews

Real-time feedback is always the better option to improve one’s performance than the complex performance reviews system in the company. With constructive feedback on the work in progress, employees get to realize what needs to be done in real time. In this way, they realize in advance of what the manager is thinking about their performance. And also how to approach the task if the manager isn’t happy with it. So now when the feedback pours in from the managers, the employee can shift the focus of their performance reviews. As by then they already know what to expect from it.

Final Thoughts

By now, we all know that the importance of HRM communication and real-time feedback has no alternative in the workplace. Effective communication and feedback is a mighty force that enriches every employee to perform better for the company. As useful HRM communication and feedback is indeed the key business functionality that encourages and uplifts the whole company. As the market is evolving and a lot of new talents are moving in. So the practical communication and real-time feedback will always have an important role to play in all of our workplaces.

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Do share your thoughts in the comments below about why else you feel HRM communication & real-time feedback is important in the workplace.

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