6 Productivity Hack For Your Startup

So, you have gone full throttle with your new startup. That’s really great! But what’s next?

Starting your own business is the best thing to do these days. To become successful with your business, good planing is necessary but it won’t work alone. Boosting productivity and optimizing time for work and rest holds the key to the peak.

Productivity generally determines how well you are doing overall. Managing your time, your work, organizing your business and also even getting your employees in sync with your productivity system are some of the features parts of productivity. Improving only your personal productivity has its benefits, but business is collaboration and you need everyone to fall in that mechanism. For that, ERP is proven to mend the gap.

WP ERP is a perfect tool for the job because it comes with built in HRM, CRM and Accounting modules. Guess what, they are all free! WP ERP also has a free project management module which can handle tasks with deep level details and tracking.

These will effectively increase everyone’s productivity and your start-up will begin to succeed. Lets take a look into the hacks.

Take control of how your team works

Sometimes your employees may slow you down progress and your team goals. To avoid such scenario, you can place yourself on a guiding position with the HRM module of WP-ERP. You are the leader and this module is perfect for managing a diverse team.

You can communicate with them and also notify them immediately. Besides that it is possible to assign your employees to different tasks using WP Project Manager Pro. The daily log of HRM and Activity tab of Project Manager are integrated with one another. When a task is created from project manager, it is automatically included in daily log. They will help you to track the progress of your team.

take control over employees with wperp

Create strong public relation

Creating strong network helps you a lot when your startup is not matured enough. Public relation management is the key to  success in such situations. WP ERP’s CRM module specializes in customer relationship management. You will be able to manage and communicate with your customers effectively with it.


Handle your cost with accounting tools

Accounting tools can help you to handle your costings. WP ERP has a free Accounting module that can offer you multiple account management, invoice creation and report generation. You will be able to complete these tasks easily and focus on other important things. Ultimately, this can improve your overall productivity.


 Organize your tasks

The first step of increasing productivity is to be organized. This also goes for your tasks. You should make sure your tasks are arranged properly and you also have what it takes to manage them with ease.

WP Project Manager specializes in creating and maintaining tasks as to do list. You can get a birds eye view of all the tasks involved in your projects. This helps you to prioritize and organize everything from a single place.

Most importantly, you can get these insights directly from your back-end to front-end. Yes, you heard right! All the tasks will be manageable from the front-end of your website. This will increase your productivity because organizing and managing everything is now easier for you.

organize tasks with wperp

Collaborate with your team members

Your team members are your assets. Collaborating with them regularly can help you to make sure everything is going on properly. WP ERP’s HRM module can help you to collaborate with your team members by assigning different tasks to them. You can also publish announcements and your employees will be notified immediately.

With WP Project Manager Pro you can communicate with your team members and discuss relevant topic on the ongoing projects. In addition, the plugin regularly notifies your team with updates. You can also create private communication with your teammates if required.

collaborate with team members

Manage time effectively

Improper use of time can cause your startup to face difficulties. So, you and your collaborators should manage your time properly. For that, you need to introduce an effective time management tool.

You will be able to prioritize your time on important projects and track time with WP Project Manager. Keep track of duration and maintain your calendar. You can also create milestones for your projects and prepare strategies when needed.

WP ERP is designed for everyone!

Everybody expects to take their productivity to the peak when it comes to startup. You can do the same with the above six productivity hacks for your startup.

For add-on pricing and other info, please visit https://wperp.com/

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