Hello World! WP ERP Beta Version Released

When I started weDevs 3 years ago this day, I never thought I would build a company, hire people, have an office and will do so many things together. I started managing a company, doing HR, Accounting and all those things that I never had any experience before. What can you expect from a fresh university student? Not much, eh?

I never had to do any managing before, didn’t had to do any accounting either, not even the guy I hired to manage those few employees had the experience beforehand. It was all a new experience for every one of us, creating WordPress products what we only could do and we do it better than a lot of people.

There isn’t a plugin for that!

Then we realized, WordPress doesn’t have any HR, Accounting plugin either and we could totally be able to manage the new company within a WordPress system. As developers, we see WordPress from a different perspective, we don’t see WordPress as a CMS, but we believe its a platform for building web of things. So we took the challenge to build a complete system that would help any small, medium, even a large company to manage its Employees, Accounting, CRM and all those needed nuts and bolts. If you could manage your office within your WordPress dashboard, why wouldn’t you want it?

Some will say, can WordPress do this? Aren’t you trying to do something on a platform that isn’t supposed to do? Well, nobody thought WordPress will manage your E-Commerce store before, but WooCommerce showed what it can do. WordPress can be scaled, like any system. If you make something with care and proper utilization of tools, WordPress can do anything. Only your imagination is the limit.

WP ERP Banner

It’s in the wild!

So after about 1.5 years in development, we are finally launching beta version of our ERP plugin today. And it’s a huge milestone for us, as well for the WordPress community. The best part is, we are open-sourcing it and available on Github, right now! ?

We are launching with HR Module and CRM Module with its core. Accounting module is available as an add-on, free and open source as well. You will require PHP 5.4+ to run in your site.

HR Dashboard


Accounting, please?


The plugin core comes with HR and CRM. But we got you covered in this side also, by releasing another free add-on for WP ERP. We believe accounting is an essential part of your business and a rather complex one. Making it also open-source will really boost the real power of the ERP system, as well as getting community contribution from all over the world.

What really is an ERP System?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system is usually a combination of solutions which focus on different sectors of a small to large business. These clusters of system became very popular in different packages since the 1990’s. Digital ERP was fast, error free and easily shareable compared to paper-based management – which took hours to process. Thus, ERP became the most demanding standard system for small to large businesses to move their office work digitally.

Seeing is believing

Want to take a spin quickly? We have setup a demo here. Use the username: demo, pass: demo and take quick look at the system.

This is the first release and our whole team is working on making the system even better, bug free and more feature rich. If you want to contribute to this project, you are more than welcome. Fork the repository and do something cool. Got a thing to say? Perhaps a feature suggestion? Let us know via our contact form or submit ideas page. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on what we are doing. Wish us luck 😀

Github | Download from WordPress.org | View Demo

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16 thoughts on “Hello World! WP ERP Beta Version Released”

  1. Nice work Vaiya. In HR Management Module Needs some Report. such as
    1.List of Designation
    2.List of Employee
    3.Employee Information Report.
    4.Manpower Recruitment Statistics Report.
    5. ACR Report
    and also some feature
    1.Promotion and Demotion Information
    2.Increment Information
    3.Disciplinary Action Information.

  2. Great idea and great work.

    Three things:

    1. I can’t work out how to make a journal entry, it’s not exactly obvious.

    2. Why the hell have you modelled contacts and employees as cpts. I strongly think people should always be users and my approach makes integration with other tools easier. So you’ve kind of sent yourself down a dead end there.

    3. Finally is it modular, can I use one or two of the modules and not the others.

    • Hey Pete, Thanks for stopping by.

      1) I assume you are already familiar with accounting and journal entry. For journal entry, go to accounting -> journal entry -> new entry
      2. We are not using any cpts. The UI might look like, but those are not cpts. Employees are wp users, but we have used a separate table for contacts only, with user meta support as well. Not everybody wants their contacts to be a WP User. We will make it easier for you to import existing wp users as contacts. We made the decision very consciously and it’s not a dead end 🙂

      3. Yes, it’s modular. Go to ERP Settings -> Modules and switch off if you don’t need HR.

  3. Re 1. Yes I’m familiar with double entry book keeping but how do I select the two accounts I need to debit and credit?

    2. Most good contact tools use users so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    3. That is fantastic, to be honest I’m really only interested in the accounting package.

    Finally is their documentation around extending this? I ask as many countries including my own have a vat/gst tax so I’d need to add this feature.

    • 1. One row must have one value, debit or credit. So if you are entering two amounts for the same account, use the “+Add Line” button to add more lines and fill the debit/credit forms.

      We are still in the rough edges on fixing the current bugs, so didn’t have enough time to complete the documentation. We will complete those in coming weeks. Also we are looking into the tax issues as well.

  4. congratulations on the beta release – this could be a game changer for small businesses if it takes off – which it hopefully will!

  5. For submission of leave – usually we requires for the staff to show proof of medical cert if it is a medical leave. Maybe can add a attachment button for the form.


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