How To Get Ahead of Your Competition With FREE CRM Plugin

With rapidly changing customer behavior and external environment, it is more important for businesses today to be in tandem with the ever growing competition. Your company successfully needs to stay up to the par with customer satisfaction as much as it needs to be flexible with external environment changes. This can be done with FREE CRM Plugin.

If you are a small or medium sized enterprise, you must have heard the buzz word in your business culture – CRM. It is commonly known that Customer Relationship Management solutions make your business life cycle easy, and there are many software out there. But did you also know that even a free CRM is able to streamline your business by helping you understand your customer’s needs and preferences? That it helps you to get direction for your business, personalize your business as well as gather and analyze data?

How A Free CRM Plugin Helps to Overcome Your Problems

With a free CRM plugin, you can perform analysis and reporting, finance, sales marketing, service, and relationship management.

There are 3 essential things that a CRM helps you to achieve in your business:
1. you become customer focused
2. you are able to handle sales, marketing, operations and service all together
3. you realize your competitive advantage

With a fast growing business, it can be difficult for you to keep up with rapid changes in environment and customer demands. However, a CRM lets you stay up to date with these changes. It also lets you gain competitive advantage over competitors who are offering similar products and services and create value over the long term.

With a free CRM, you acquire new customers, enhance profitability of existing ones and retain profitable customers. Thus, you are able to maximize a customer’s life-time value by focusing on targeted customers and customer groups. By developing a customer-centric focus, you are able to reduce customer churn, increase leads, increase revenue per customer, and help deliver a consistent experience every time.

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WP ERP- A Free CRM Plugin for Your Small Business

Our WP ERP has a free CRM module with all the essential features that you need to manage your relationship with customers. WP ERP is a popular WordPress plugin, flexible for you to modify in anyway your business requires, and comes with a host of important organization management features like CRM, HRM and Accounting management.

The features of WP ERP’s Free CRM module allow you to:

1. View customer status and activity logging and respond appropriately

2. Prioritize your responses based on customer status to be more efficient

3. Obtain valuable insights of your progress from the notes and logs

4. Send emails easily through the built-in mail system

5. Schedule a meeting or a call with customers and representatives

6. Assign tasks to team members

7. Make company profiles and handle multiple representatives seamlessly

8. Search for the right contacts with advanced filtering options

9. Use your past search criteria to search again

10. Group your customers their interests-wise

Learn more about the features of free WP ERP CRM module. CLICK HERE.

Boost your Business with Powerful Extensions

Apart from the highly demanded free features, the WP ERP comes with many CRM add-ons.

DEALS – Juggling deals with multiple customers has become easy

With the Deals extension, you can have all your contacts arranged in a pipeline. It allows you to coordinate simultaneously between multiple customers and hundreds of deals without getting lost or confused. It guides your CRM agents to make faster and more efficient sales process. You can assign tasks between agents and customers and keep track with real time status reports.

Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp – Tools that make importing seamless

Furthermore, with Salesforce, Hubspot and MailChimp Contact Sync extensions, you are able to integrate and import  your contacts to your WP ERP dashboard and directly connect with your customers.

SMS Notification – Reach your clients anytime anywhere

Let’s say you need to reach your clients urgently or make a quick announcement for an upcoming event, update or download. With the SMS notification extension, you are able to send SMS notifications to your contacts and employees directly from your ERP system using famous SMS gateaways.

Email Campaign & Workflow – Your perfect email and work organizer

With extensions like Email Campaign and Workflow, you can create email campaigns, send automatic newsletters, and send emails in bulk to your customers and contacts. You can use the pre-defined templates, schedule emails, and also customize your newsletters in many different ways you like. With Workflow, you have an automated system to trigger actions and you can create actions based on different set conditions and modules and manage all from a single page.

Although WP ERP is FREE, you can extend its features with the above extensions. Most importantly, you can get competitive advantage by using WP ERP’s free CRM module as it has a wide range of features to make you stand out in the crowd!

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