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WP ERP is introducing the Training extension for HRM module. This module will allow HR agents to create, modify and assign training sessions and courses to staff and employees.


  1. WP ERP Core Plugin
  2. HRM Training Extension


If you are using the _ & _ plans, then you only have to go to wp-admin→Plugins→Find WP ERP HR Training→Click on Activate.


  1. Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > WP ERP > HR > Training.
    This is your training manager. From here you can add new training modules, view published and drafted training, edit, view, delete, and perform bulk actions.
  2. Click on Create Training to get started.

3. You will be taken to a new page where you can find the following: Training Title, Training Subject/Skill, Employee, Duration, and Description.

4. You can assign by department, by designation, or select all employees.

5. You can also select individual employees using the drop-down.

6. Select the Duration, and activate the check-box Auto assigned for new employee if you want to any new employee to be assigned by default.

7. Add a Description about the training.

8. Click on Publish when you are done. You can edit the training later again.

Employee Profile View

You will now see the assigned training programs in the employee profile.

Select the Training tab. Here you can see all Assigned and Completed training for the employee.

Admins can assign new training and also complete assigned trainings from here.

Training modal

3. When the admin clicks on the checkbox for Completed, a modal window will open for necessary details to be added.

Pop-up window

4. Fill out the form with Completion data, Trainer’s name, Credits earned, Hours spent, Trainer’s phone, and Notes.


5. Click on Update Training.

6. Now it will be moved to Completed Training. From here you can update or delete the training.

7. Admins can also add other completed training programs to individual employees directly from their profiles. To do this click on the button +Add New Training located on the top right. And fill out the modal window form that pops up.

Send Emails

Now, you can send emails to the assigned employee. To configure the email, navigate to WP ERP->Settings-> Email.

Navigation to email

Now, enable the Assigned New Training email.

Enable Email

If you click on the email, you can easily configure and edit the email as you see fit.

configure email

That’s all about the WP ERP HR Training.

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