HRM Add-ons

Custom Field Builder

Add extra custom fields to your HRM employee profiles and CRM contacts & companies, and also to the Recruitment form (recruitment add-on required) using the Custom Field Builder extension for HRM.

Custom form builder
  1. Go to WP admin dashboard → WP ERP → ERP settings → Custom field builder
  2. Choose Employee tab for adding a new field to HR module and Recruitment.
  3. Choose Contact or Company tab for adding a new field to CRM module.
  4. Choose Customer or Vendortab for adding a new field to Accounting module.
  5. Write a title for the field, pick field type, add choices if necessary.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. To add more fields, click on Add New Field.
  9. Similarly add extra custom fields to your Contact and Company profiles.

N.B: When creating a field make sure you have chosen the Section type carefully.

Section type

Profile View

After adding a custom field, you will be able to view it instantly on the respective profile forms.

That’s all about configuring Custom Field Builder for WP ERP!

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