What Are Some Good Combined CRM & Project Management Systems

No matter how big or small your business is, CRM and project management solutions are an integral part of every business. And if you want to improve your business, then there are no other substitutes for the proper use of these two indispensable tools. Furthermore, if you can collaborate these two solutions together, then you will effortlessly manage the customer and their associated projects in one place.

Both can stimulate you business to achieve higher adaptability and profitability if you can implement them properly.

However, in today’s post, we are going to tell what are the best combined CRM and project management plugins and also will explain an ultimate solution where you can find these two solutions in one place.

Some Good Combined CRM and Project Management Systems

CRM and Project Management
CRM and Project Management

A smart businessman always finds the best possible solution for his/her company and also for the customers. As a result, both customers and the employees feel great to be part of that business or company. Therefore you must prefer a suitable solution to fulfill all your requirements. So having a combined solution of CRM and Project management can be lucrative for you.

However, both these solutions have individual purposes but at one time you need to merge them in one place for your business need. After that, it seems very tough for the owner to manage it smoothly. Therefore, a smart, affordable, and combined solution can help to syncretize both customers and project management from one place.

Well, we’ll show some plugins that work combinedly. And also how they can be very advantageous for your company or business to increase workflow.

Top Combined CRM & Project Management Plugins

In this section, we’ll be going to discuss the top plugins who provides integrated CRM and Project Management.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

  • WordPress ERP
  • WordPress CRM Plugin – WP-CRM System
  • Lead Form Data Collection to CRM
  • Kanban Boards for WordPress

WP ERP: As a Combined Solution CRM and Project Management Solution

CRM and Project Management
A Complete ERP solution

Regardless of the size of your company, it definitely needs an ERP solution. A complete ERP solution can powerup your business through the following aspects. For example,

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting Management

And the good news is, you can get all these tremendous solutions in one stop that is WP ERP. Overall, WP ERP is a first-ever enterprise resource planning solution that combines these two tools perfectly. Again, it’s empowering almost over 10k+ businesses all over the World. And also you’ll get 37 extensions available in this plugin.

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However, let us find out how it can enable you to strengthen your business through a short overview of the modules:

CRM Module

Using this Customer Relationship Management module, gives you an overall summary of the company’s month, day, and week. And also you can easily see the number of customers, leads, opportunities, and subscribers. However, you’ll get this module in a free version of WP ERP. But if you want to regularize its wing and get more facilities, you need to purchase other extensions for advanced use.

WordPress CRM to grow your business

Project Management Module

Now managing projects of companies, and keeping them in a sequential way has become a piece of cake now. This module has a unique way to manage all the important files, for example, documents, keep track of every project, assign projects, tasks, to-dos, etc. Furthermore, you can optimize works with deadlines, milestones, subtasks, activities, progress reports & advanced insights with your employees.

Managing your project from a single platform

Human Resouce Module

You can regulate everything associated with HR using this module. It allows you to see the whole index of your active employees, search them by the department, watch all the designations, and create announcements for all employees. The best part is that you can integrate this tool with WP Project Management and assign departments while creating projects.

Streamline your business with HRM

Accounting Module

Using this ERP accounting system you can track each and everything related finance only using a single dashboard. And the dashboard of the accounting module is just impressive and very user-friendly. And the graphical representation will make the process easier to understand. For example, you can manage, sales, expenses, customers, vendors, journal entries, reports, and more.

Kanban Boards For WordPress

CRM and Project Management
Best Agile Project Management

‘Kanban boards’ is known for the best agile project management and also for the customer relationship management tracking sales, scheduling content publishing, hiring new employees, and more.

What’s more!

Let’s find out how it could be a boon for your business in terms of managing projects and customers as well.

Project Management & Collaboration

Using the Kanban project management feature, you can swiftly finish tasks, to-do lists, and also move to the perspective places. And this easily movable feature will show the progress of every project.

Calendar For Editors

Facing troubles in distributing projects and tasks to the employees? Then the ‘Calendar’ feature will help you to do it perfectly. That means you can comfortably assign tasks, blog posts, lead enlargement, and complete your deadlines.


Kanban Board allows its users to inspect customer interactions and improve business relationships. Therefore, you can easily check all the records and status of customers using the boards. Thus it will help to understand them.

Sales Tracking

This feature helps you to track each and every activity among ‘Now’ and ‘Sold’. And this will make sure your funnel smooth and clear. So you can easily track and analyze to see what’s working and who’s performing.

WordPress CRM Plugin – WP-CRM System

WordPress CRM Plugin – WP-CRM System
WP CRM plugin

WP CRM is another full-fledged WordPress CRM plugin that allows you to manage your customers, projects, and tasks spontaneously. So using this plugin, you can give access to your employees. And they will easily keep the records of every information of your customers. Therefore, there is no need to spend any money on CRM.

Let’s look at the features that you will get with this plugin:

A Complete CRM Software

You can use this plugin to manage your team, assign tasks, track every marketing campaign. Thus it helps to metricize your opportunities into success. Furthermore, your employees get an email notification after getting assigned to any task.

Expedite with GDRP

WP CRM is also in compliance with GDRP. But it needs to admit that this plugin does not guarantee 100% GDPR compliance. Because no plugin can provide full compliance. However, it can assist with this if that is something your business requires.

Essential Extension For maximizing Workflow

There are a number of affordable WordPress CRM extensions that will enable you to do more with the WP-CRM System.

Let’s have a look:

  • Connect WP-CRM System to over 750 different apps with Zapier
  • Effectively collaborate with WooCommerce
  • Easy digital downloads
  • Client portal to see details of every customer
  • Syncing with MailChimp
  • Dropbox integration
  • Connection with zendex
  • And Contact forms

All these are premium extensions.

Lead Form Data Collection to CRM

Lead Form CRM
Lead Form CRM

WP Leads Builder is specially designed for CRM. And using this plugin you can capture WordPress contact to your CRM as leads or contacts. This also enables you to collect or convert data from the contact form embedded to your WordPress site. Moreover, you can use the shortcode in a different place for example, in the post, page, or a Widget.

Let’s know shortly what are the main basic functionalities that will facilitate you:

  • Integration with different ‘addons’ like Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, Salesforce, Freshsales, Vtiger CRM, SuiteCRM & SugarCRM
  • 3rd party integration
  • Easily accessible to use the ‘Embedded’ shortcodes
  • Captures potential leads
  • Perfect redirection process
  • Convert users to potential customers
  • Integration with WooCommerce

So these are just some of the superior qualities of this plugin that can totally expand your marketing strategy and conversion.

Full guideline of Lead Builder Form

Benefits of Having CRM and Project Management Software in a Single Platform

Successful CRM & Project Management Software
Successful CRM & Project Management Software

Let’s find out how it could be a perfect decision to choose a combined CRM and Project Management software:

Extend Visibility

Using a merged CRM and Project Management solution will surely extend your business visibility. For example, you can find the problems, fix them in time and also take further initiative. Determining and predicting any issues that may emerge, will also be more feasible.

Proper Planning for the Projects

Project Planning means, everything that you do for setting up your project for success.

Completing projects in due time is more crucial. Because you have to increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Otherwise, you can not reach your goal.

So proper planning is a prerequisite to making a project successful. In this case, using CRM and Project management conjointly can be very effective for you.

Offers a Systematic Process

Every successful company follows the systematic process to reach their goal. Without proper instruction and guidelines, no one can gain the glory of victory.

So this intensified collaboration becomes valuable for business growth as it can have an amplified impact on efficiency and productivity.

Improves Real-time Customer Service

You can not interact with your customers if you do not collect their data. In that case, you have to evaluate their data to improve communication and interaction. And this evaluation can make a good impact while communicating with them. Thus it helps to build new leads.


Using Customer management and project management software separately may waste your extra time and money. And also you may face maintenance issues while doing this. Because you have to manage both the customers and the projects at the same time.

So a one-stop solution can take you out from these hassles. Because both the CRM and project management software are intended to govern inventory and reduce costs, which can help you to avoid additional expenditures.

Are You Ready to Get Started with a Combined CRM & Project Manager?

Using a separate solution or the combined CRM and Project Management tools totally depends on your business type. For example, your business capacity or area and the resources you have.

However, after the elaborate analysis, you may somehow get the ideal reason why you should use a combined CRM and Project Management software. right?

So if you’re looking for such a solution where you can use both the CRM and Project management all along then surely this will be a great decision for your business growth.

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