How WP ERP utilizes WordPress security standards – It’s impressive!

Security and privacy are one of the biggest issues when it comes to using applications for your business. You share your confidential data with these business applications. So, it is very important to secure the information. This makes users worrying about security when they go for a new application.

You will see similar scenarios with ERP systems. They contain almost everything about the business and it is important for the developers to think about this matter. WP ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system based on WordPress and it has strong security and privacy features.

WP ERP needs to be accessed from WordPress backend and this has worried many concerned users. Although it is in the backend, the privacy and security issues are strictly maintained. Now, let us talk about the ways that can assure you to understand the fact completely, WP ERP is very much secure!

Access permission and user role is strictly maintained

Only the authorized person can access the backend of WP ERP. This means the admins are the one who can view the settings. If you are a WordPress user, you have an idea about the user roles. Giving different roles to different users can make sure they can access only to the features where they belong.

The same thing is done within WP ERP. The users can access the backend, but they will only get to view their own profiles. If you are using HRM, your employee will have the options to view their profile and an overview page which will show announcements and a calendar.

This has made things more secure. Even if someone tries to access a page using URL in the browser, they will see an error message.

wperp security - employee roles

Regular updates prevent many security issues

When a system or application becomes outdated or unsupported, many crashes and integration issues start to pop up. WP ERP gives you regular updates including bug fixes and tweaks. Besides that, you will get support for your issues so that you can stay up to date. These altogether makes your application more secure.


Everything is on your own cloud-hosted platform

You can rest assure as WP ERP is fully cloud-based. The full system including the database is stored on your own cloud-hosted platform. The hosting you use for your website is more secure than your own computer or any other place. Only you can access your hosting and you can make changes to the system. This reduces the chance of security breaches if you are using a trusted hosting service.

Manage your business from more devices

To make instant and quick changes to your system, you can log in from any device easily. This can protect you from different threats and prevent data leaks.

Sufficient reporting capability keeps everything within your control

Reporting is very important for your business. You may need different analytical tools to generate reports in local devices at vulnerable places. This can open opportunity for unauthorized people to get access to your data. With WP ERP, you can create effective reports within your website and the data are also stored in your own cloud-hosted platform. This effectively reduces data leaks. You can also make smart decisions with this handy reports.


As you can see WP ERP is a stable system which is completely free to install. You will get HRM, CRM and Accounting modules with it. There are also many add-ons, which can make things easier for you. Check them out now!

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