How WP ERP is Planning to Make Your Work Better in 2020

We, the WP ERP team, were always trying our best to engage with our users on a regular basis. This does not only gives strengths to our relationship but also helps to build a better solution.

Last month (January 2020), we have conducted a Webinar on our HRM (HRM stands for Human Resource Management) solution which had good engagement. And we have scheduled a few more webinars in the upcoming months.

We already planned our next Webinar on WPERP CRM (CRM stands Customer Relationship Management) on 24th February 2020. And there will be another one about Accounting after this one.

Previously, we launched a Facebook-based WP ERP community as well to be more engaged with you. 

We always appreciate hearing from you to seek new opportunities and features. Also, we like to guide you and take feature suggestions to make WP ERP better which makes your business more viable.

Yes, we value your needs and you are always our 1st priority!

Making WP ERP Better in 2020

WP ERP development

We are aware that our previous Accounting Module was not sufficient for advanced usage. So, deprecated the previous version and revamped it to develop a whole new accounting system in 2019, which is available for all of you.

Even, to make it more convenient, we, the weDevs team, are using WPERP for all of our daily operations including our HR Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Our financial management.

We are using HRm and CRM from the beginning but we have started using our Accounting module in our business from the last year. It helped us a lot to make the Accounting module more mature than it was before.

We are a  family of 70+  members right now and we are using the WPERP Attendance system for our daily attendance. We have 3 different locations for our company to run the operation from.

One is Singapore, another one in Dhaka and a Remote team- which includes different time attendance in different shifts. All are being managed by the WP ERP.

So, after moving to the WP ERP completely, we have realized that we have scope to enhance some of the features, extensions of this complete ERP solution.

So, we are planning some big changes in 2020.

WP ERP Development: Our Vision for 2020

We feel the leave management system would be more useful for you if we can bring the half-day leave, multi-layer leave approval.

YES! We are revamping the leave management system completely with tons of new advanced features, including

  • Multi-layer leave approval
  • Half-day leave
  • Leave Carry-forward
  • Leave encashment
  • And Leave accrual of current year (PTO)

We are considering to rebuild the Payroll as well. It’s now only part of the HR module but we have a plan to integrate it with the Accounting module as well.

It’ll operate in two different steps. The first steps will be under the HR Manager and the second & final step will be on the Account Manager- who will be responsible for the final payment.

Salary addition, deduction, Employee taxes, automatic payslips, provident funds, gratuity, and many more exciting features are on the pipeline 🙂

More Exciting Features that will Come by The End of 2020

WP ERP Pricing

Requisition Management: It will come with product requisition request submission, Multi-tier approval process, Separate panel for all requisition requests.

Quickbook integration– We are almost ready to bring a new integration with Quickbook- which will let you sync your WP ERP accounting data with Quickbook.

Performance Management– It will come with payment generation based on the work time, set goal for individual employee, 360-degree evaluation, Assessments, Employee Performance Report.

Inventory Management System– We’ll bring few more features in the inventory management system including Asset Tracking, Product identification, Transfer product from one location to another location, Inventory valuation report

Electronic signature–  in HR, electronic signature will be added.

Procurement Management system– We have plan to bring the procurement management system which may include Quotation Analysis, Purchase tenders, etc.

Appointment Management system– Appointment system on your CRM to manage your customers, let them book a schedule and invoicing after the service.

One Last Surprise!

I missed one thing intentionally in the beginning! Guess what?

The Complete WP ERP will be available in the Frontend by this year or the beginning of 2021.

Normally, you need to log in to the WordPress dashboard to manage everything which could be messy sometime. You can easily login with a nice advanced frontend design solution that we are building to offer with our frontend version of this solution. 

We have the frontend solution for HRM already and we are making it for CRM and Accounting this time as well.

So, Why Late?

As said, we are always open to hearing feedback from the user. Even since from the beginning, we firmly believe that the WP ERP came to this place with the cooperation of our users. You always were with us by adopting our development in the early stages, suggesting the changes and enhancements. And, you are supporting us till date. 

Same as always, if you have any feature requests or any thoughts on WP ERP, feel free to let us know. You can comment below as well to ask me any questions that you have.

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