Effective Ways to Find the Best CRM Plugin for WordPress

In order to keep your customers happy, you need a lot of information on them, and to manage a lot of information you need tools to solidify your customer relationships. You also need to understand where you stand in terms of reaching your client satisfaction goals. Satisfied customers mean positive image for your company and better recommendations.

With CRM you are able to take even your brick and mortar store online. It is important to stay online these days with the immense growth in the usage of Internet, computer and phones. CRM is able to store an immense amount of information in one place and retrieve the information you need anytime. In this way CRM allows you to serve your customers on a priority basis.

How to Find the Best CRM Plugin for WordPress

WordPress powers about 27% of websites today and offers some of the best CRM solutions for businesses. Not only are WordPress CRMs secured, stable, and easy to use, but there are many options to choose from. Not all are great and have all that it takes to make your business more customer-centric. So you need to be careful in your search to find the best CRM plugin for your business.

For your CRM to be valuable and customer-focused, you need certain basic and essential features like:

  1. Enriched & User friendly Dashboard
  2. Contact Management & Segmentation
  3. Company or Organization Management
  4. Activity Management & Scheduling
  5. Search Options or Filtering Contacts
  6. Privacy and Security
  7. Mailing Features
  8. Reporting & Insights

Enriched & User Friendly Dashboard

An intuitive design is important for you and your staff to work easily. This includes having all the essential tools, search and retrieve features, appearance, navigation, help text and alignment. An enriched dashboard would give you a bird’s eye view of the whole system.

Contact Management

It is essential that CRMs should be able to store, track, and retrieve a huge amount of contacts effortlessly. A CRM is essentially a storage of customer information that helps you form, deal, and rectify your client affairs. It should also be able to segment your customers based on their interests, behavior, and other information. So you should choose a CRM that performs this basic function comprehensively.

Organization Management

Your CRM should be able to allow you to create profiles for companies and group B2B clients who belong from the same organization. This will save you from disorganization.

Activity Management & Scheduling

Even if you have a small to medium enterprise, you will probably have several CRM agents handling regular customer dealings, providing sales service, and resolving customer complaints. Therefore, it is necessary that managers be able to assign and schedule tasks for the agents and also see their status and activity on a real-time basis.

Log Different Activities

Assign Tasks To Other People

Schedule A Meeting Or Call

Privacy & Security

Since they carry a lot of confidential information, CRMs should be secured to keep the data safe and have enough privacy settings so managers can decide what different levels of staff can access.

Mailing Features

A built-in mail system is vital in CRMs because all businesses require sending newsletters and emails on various topics to their contacts. Moreover, Email is the most popular and effective medium for marketing. It carries great potentials for your business and continues to grow.

Search & Filtering options

This one is must in CRMs because from time to time you will need to search for a contact among a thousand others. You would also need to filter contacts by various criteria to be more specific.

Advanced Contact Filtering

Reporting & Insights

A CRM must have analytics and reporting features that are illustrative enough for managers to understand even on the go. Easy and illustrated analytics will give you a good summary of your sales data and where you stand in terms of fulfilling customer requests and demands.

best CRM plugin for WordPresss

Why choose WP ERP for Your Business

WP ERP is a WordPress powered plugin that lets you maintain an organized and smooth workflow of your interaction with customers and jumpstart your business. It is empowered with all the features elaborated above in the article. With WP ERP’s FREE CRM, you easily get to follow a step by step process. From fresh leads to a conversion, to handling company representatives, it allows you to manage contents and support essentials painlessly. It has 2000+ active downloads and a perfect 5-star rating.

Lots of Features

You can prepare for follow-ups easily – get email alerts, schedule meetings, keep notes, check how your team is performing with individual activity logging. You can also create customer groups and transfer customers to higher personnel when required.

WP ERP supports 44 currencies and has a powerful contact management system with multiple listing types, such as subscribers, leads, opportunities, and customers. Users are able to add notes, create agents, schedule meetings, calls, SMS, emails, create and assign tasks.

With company profiles, you can manage multiple representatives of a B2B organization to communicate with and follow up. Moreover, with the CRM add-ons, your business life cycle becomes even easier.

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