Use the WP ERP Document Manager to Manage Your HR Documents

The fact that technology is now flourishing at its best is a real boon to us. This means, who cares for lollygagging Post Offices to send a simple letter while there is Email out there?

In fact, the replacement of old technologies by the latest alternatives has become a commonplace nowadays.

Digital storage device like Williams Tube (with only memory of .0624 KB) was first invented in 1890 which had emphasized the notion that it is very much likely to establish a paperless office. Later on, the advent of the internet in the late 90’s has dramatically made it possible to store any contents digitally on the server.

However, if you are an Enterprise owner, you will notice that you have to store tons of papers regarding the information of the employees. Since paper is a physical matter, there is a high chance that they can be damaged by water, fire etc or they can be stolen too. This is the first and foremost reason for the necessity to store information in digital documents.

In this Article, we will be discussing the importance of a WordPress Document Manager and how to identify an excellent one.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Document Manager

Security and Privacy

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The extension can be accessed in two ways. Both the Admin and Employees can access the file repositories with their respective account. However, Admin or Manager has default ownership to all the files uploaded by the employees. Interestingly, the files uploaded by an employee is not accessible by the other employees for some privacy issues other than the admin. Since the files uploaded by employees are only visible by the Admin and that respective employees can see their respective file repositories is pretty handy for security enhancement.

Freeing Up Office Storage

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As we said earlier, a Document Manager is really helpful to free up precious office storage. There is no need for file cabinets, boxes, and storage bins if you are using a similar system or app. However, Documents that must have to be kept as hard copies can often be stored in less expensive locations, such as an offsite warehouse or vault. If you are using WordPress to manage your company (i.e. employees, contacts, accounting etc.), then you can consider a good WordPress Document Manager.

Establish Regulatory Compliance

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There are some papers of documents that must be stored in order to maintain regulatory compliance. Violation of the regulatory compliance leads to legal punishment often including federal fines or imprisonment. By storing these precious papers really improves the regulatory compliance.

Easy File Recovery along with Time and Cost Efficiency

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If you are not using a WordPress Document Management system you are possibly leaving money on the table. How? Research suggests that lots of money are spent on lost file retrieval. Fortunately, by allowing you to keep files on the internet, a WordPress Document Manager will be your entourage to avoid this extra costs. Because you can restore any files from the live server repository anywhere.

Since separate employee maintains his/her separate account it would be much easier to find a misfiled document. For example, the HR manager can announce for looking up the desired file which was misfiled. In this case, employees can check out their respective file directories or repositories to find that specified document.

Collaboration / Working Together

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As the Admin/Manager has the supreme authority to access to any file directories, he or she can copy and share files with any employees. This comes in handy for the betterment of Team Collaboration.

Features of an Excellent WordPress File Manager That You must Seek out

Supports All File Formats

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A neat WordPress File Manager should support most of the common file types such as .doc, .docs, .odt, .pdf, .rdf, .txt, .csv, .jpeg, .png. These are the most commonly used file formats to store contents.

Displays Logos According to File Type

After uploading to the directory, the Document Manager should show appropriate logo according to the file type so that it becomes easier for you to identify some specific files.

File Size Capping

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By capping the file size, you can save your website’s storage. Therefore, employees won’t be able to upload files that are too large. A good Document Manager should allow you to customize file upload size limits.

Simultaneous File Upload Support

A good WordPress Document Manager will help the admin or manager and employees to upload multiple files simultaneously. Fight shy of the Document Managers that does not help you to do so.

Progress Bar to Know How Much Uploaded

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Progress Bars are really helpful to figure out how much of a file or how many files have been uploaded to the server. A nifty WordPress Document Manager should come up with this feature.

Breadcrumbs for Easy Navigation

This is an extremely useful feature without which it becomes really time-consuming and grueling to navigate from one location to another. With this option, users can hop on different levels of locations with just a matter of click. A good DMS (Document Management System) must include this feature.

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Introducing Document Manager for WP ERP

The WP ERP Document Manager Extension was a much-needed one for most of the professional WordPress users from all along. To be honest, there are a plethora of such extensions available for WordPress. But our well-versed developers decided to release such a Document Management extension as will be suitable for WP ERP.

The current version of the extension is 1.2.0 and we usually release updates and provide post-sale support for our plugins based on customers’ suggestions and requirements. Sadly, the extension is paid but it’ll be worth the money you spend.

Wrapping Up

A WordPress Document Manager is one of the most focused aspects not only for an enterprise but also useful for an individual website owner for the safety of his/her data. Hence, it is a must plugin to consider if you want to back up your documents.

However, users can access WP ERP Document Manager differently based on their roles. For example, Admins get a detailed UI with all the features and on the other hand, employees get a basic view. Both the Admin and Employees can access the file repositories with their respective account. However, Admin or Manager has default ownership to all the files uploaded by the employees. The files uploaded by an employee is not accessible by other employees. We have done so to keep the privacy of every employee’s files.

Long story short, Admin can accelerate the working process by accessing any employees’ directories when it is necessary and sharing files with any employee from therein with his/her interference. This is why the extension is helpful for the purpose of working together. Let us know what you think about the Document Manager for WP ERP.

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