Tutorial: How Your Employees Should Use WP ERP HR Frontend

It’s no surprise that HR module of WP ERP is now manageable directly from frontend! Now, you can allow your employees to use HRM without accessing the backend or admin area of your website.

Please note that – we have completely revamped WP ERP HR Frontend. The version that is explained in this blog is updated. Visit the following link to learn more about the latest version –

Introducing All New HR Frontend Dashboard for WordPress ERP

WP ERP Offers Frontend HR Management System

WP ERP is the first ERP solution available for WordPress and it’s totally free. With the free version, you will be getting three core modules including CRM, HRM and Accounting. All you have to do is add HR Frontend extension to your ERP system for taking the HR module to the frontend. If you are looking for a frontend HRM for your business, this is the best opportunity for you to grab!

We already have a blog post that demonstrates how you can Bring your HR module to the frontend.

Today, you will demonstrate how can your employees use HR Frontend extension. Let’s take a look at the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial for Your Employees

The Tutorial Explained

After you have added HR Frontend to your WP ERP system, you will get three newly created pages including –

  1. Dashboard: Contains important insights that may help you with your work.
  2. Employee Profile: Shows your basic, job, leave and attendance related information.
  3. Employee List: Provides you with a list of all the employees you work with.

You can list them in the menu bar of your website. When your employees visit the dashboard page after logging in, they get a bird’s eye view of the HR. There are sections for announcements, birthdays, employees on leave, leave calendar, submit leave requests and also self-attendance service (if the attendance extension is installed).

In the Employee Profile page, your employees get details about their general and job information. They can edit certain parts of their profiles as well.

Finally, there is a list containing all of your employees with their name, designation, department and email address. This helps your employees to collaborate with one another.

Still confused about the HR Frontend Extension?

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