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      Let’s say you want to use all three modules with almost all of the add-ons, minus a few of the crm integrations, but let’s say you want to use them all. That’s a lot of plugins, how do you maintain the site for speed? Is it possible to host the HR and Accounting modules on separate sub-domains? If everything has to be on one server, is there an ideal server/hosting setup? Thanks

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      I thought you might be able to host the HR module separate but it requires the Payroll addon which is connected to the Accounting module. The accounting module has to be connected to our woocommerce site to import order data, but it also needs to communicate to the payroll app. So as I have been studying the use for WP ERP, it seems all of the modules have to be hosted on the same domain inorder to work. Is that correct?

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello @bestdangcompany,

      Yes, it requires to have in the same domain in order to swap all these 3 modules. You can use HR, CRM and Accounting is 3 different domain/subdomain but in that case, the modules won’t swap/share information with each other. It will be completely different and need to manage differently. More specifically, it needs to have under the same database.

      However, any standard hosting is enough to manage all the modules and the extensions. We have plenty of users who usages shared hosting plans and they are going great 🙂


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      ok, but say there is going to be 25 users in the admin of the site at once, what kind of resources are going to be needed server side. I’ve seen woocommerce admin slow noticeably with just a handful of users on a server with 4gb ram and 4cpu cores.

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Viewing 5 reply threads
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