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      Shawn Genoway

      When creating a PO, the vendor name and address also shows the data field names plus does it in a continuous string, versus breaking out nice and neat. From a UX perspective, you probably don’t need to show street 1, street 2, city, etc. in the Vendor address area. It would be interesting to get others to weigh in. Thank you.


      Kwik Mark Inc.
      street_1: 4071 Albany St.; street_2: ; city: McHenry; state: IL; postal_code: 60050; country: US;

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Shawn,

      Yes, you are correct. We need to remove them and we’ll do it in our next update 🙂

      Thanks for noticing and letting us know.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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