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      I have been testing the HR module (CRM and Accounting are disabled)
      (WPERP Core)

      Until now I have encountered three issues maybe you can help me with these:

      1. The red Inactive Stamp over employee profile photos still showing despite the employee has Active status.

      2. The NOTES, PERFORMANCE and PERMISSION tabs disappear when I’m viewing an employee profile that has been configured as Reporting to me/my account… (my acccount has permission HR manager ) ( If I seeing other employee’s profile that reporting to somebody else then these tabs are showing well).

      3. The NOTES tab form are doing nothing when I write some text and submit the content. The form just clearing and nothing registered nowhere.

      ¿Some advice? ¿Some help please?

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello @RickHN

      It seems there is a conflicting issue causing the problem. Before going further, we need to know the conflicting test result of your site. Please go through the conflicting test on your site and let me know the result.

      For your reference, you can follow this guideline to find out the conflict->


Viewing 1 reply thread
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