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      Robert Sigman


      SMS was not sending. I figured out why:

      First, the FROM number must include “+1” i.e. “+1-833-428-0000” and NOT “833-427-0000”

      Second, the TO number must include “+1” as well.

      If you do not include “+1” it will throw continuous delays and the memory will run out and the process will be killed.

      The problem is that no person is going to put “+1” when they sign up and put their number. So, is there a way we can set this manually to accompany all numbers? Or, prevent the requirement for “+1”



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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello @Robert,

      As the system is global and sending SMS to the global number needs to have the country code, so, you’ll need to use the +1 in the case of using the USA number. It actually not possible to set +1 by default as this can be different to the other people.

      Suppose, our country code it +880, so, if it is set to +1 by default, it won’t be reliable for us.

      However, I’m adding a feature request on our log to select the country first and then it will include the country code automatically. We’ll consider this in the future 🙂


Viewing 1 reply thread
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