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      I have two questions about the HR Management plugin.

      1. I am try to set up policies and, Is there a way to manually change available leave days / employee?
      Due to legislation, each worker may have a different amount of days off.

      2. So I made two departments and I try to separate them. Can I assign employees to managers if the “X” manager receives only the “X” employee’s leave requests and the “Y” manager receices only the “Y” emplyoee’s leave requests?
      E.g. John’s manager is Chris, Robert’s manager is David, and Richard’s manager is William. If John request a leave not just Chris receive an email, but David and William too.

      Thank you for the answers,


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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello @ezement

      1. No, the policies are fixed. If you have variable leave policies for the individual employee, you need to create multiple leave policies.

      2. For now, only the Manager can approve a leave request. However, a two-step leaves approval system will come soon, and yes, you’ll be able to assign a manager to approve/reject leave requests based on the department.


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      Hello @thebengalboy

      Thank you for your answers.

      For the second question, I know I can set that only the Manager can approve a LR, and it is good to hear the new features, but I feel like I didn’t get the correct answer. Maybe my example was bad so I try another:
      I have two managers: John and David. John is a DEV Manager and David is a Marketing Manager. When an employee from DEV Department request a Leave, I want only John to get the request, but they both get it. I want to John only gets the Dev requests and David only gets Marketing requests.

      I hope the problem is more understandable now.



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