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      Omnia Creative

      Hello –

      Was curious to know if someone has the answers to these questions:

      1. We have recurring services like website maintenance and on-going marketing, is there a way to set up recurring invoices to be automatically sent on a specific date that we set?

      2. Has anyone set up a “client dashboard” page that shows things such as services they’ve subscribed to, tickets (Awesome Support), Payment Accounts (stored billing info that they can update themselves), Team Members (additional account contacts), etc.?

      3. Is it possible to have sub-users of an account to be able to submit tickets and pay invoices on behalf of the Owner? We typically have business owners that are the “owners” of the account, but maybe they have an in-house marketing person or office manager that handles submitting tickets about website changes or the manager has billing questions.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Richard Carreno

      7 days and I have not had a reply from Mahedi. They are working?
      Is any support person working? I have tried to contact them around here creating a ticket by mail and nothing unanswered.
      They are not working? I need an answer.
      Am I attentive if someone knows about WP ERP what is happening?

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      Omnia Creative

      @Richard –

      I have not heard anything and I even emailed them separately and not a single peep out of anything. Not really a good sign for me to sign on to WP ERP, I am quickly losing confidence in making the switch to this platform.

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hell Omia and Richard,

      Sorry to both of you that you had to wait for a wait to get a reply from us! I understand this is unexpected but actually, we got our Eid-Ul-Adha holidays in between the time which made us kinda slower then usual. You know Eid is an most important religious festival for us. I hope you’ll consider 🙂

      However, here is the answers based on your query:

      1. I’m sorry but no, we do not have the recurring invoice feature for now but we are also concerned about this and hoping to coniser this in the future.

      2. Customer or Client doesn’t have any portal/page by default. As our accounting solution is for the B2B business, it’s all about the company Managing peoples.

      3. No, Managers are managers, they have all the access. Then the other user roles. We have the following user permissions:
      a. Admin- he has all the access
      b. HR Manager
      c. CRM Manager
      d. Accounting Manager
      e. HR Recruiter
      f. CRM Agents


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