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      Matt Cromwell

      Currently, we have three supervisors who are labeled as “HR Managers”. But every time an employee requests leave, only TWO of those three receive the email. The third never receives the email at all.

      Ideally, the Leave Requests emails would work like this:
      Request emails are only sent to the Department supervisor. If you want someone additionally cc’d on that request email, there can be a setting to add the additional email.

      Currently, there are no settings, and the “HR Manager” setting doesn’t work when there’s more than two managers. This is less than ideal and a real “bug”.

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Matt,

      Have you checked with the Email Log plugin if WPERP fired 3 emails or it just two?

      Matt, you probably know what bug is. An intentional feature could not be a bug actually 🙂

      No, we do not offer approving leave by a supervisor at this moment. Only HR managers are responsible for that. So, as we do not offer this, this is not a bug anyway. However, we have the plan to bring the multi-step leave approval feature in the near future. Supervisors and Managers, both will be allowed to approved the leave request.


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      Matt Cromwell

      Yes, I did check the Email Log plugin specifically and confirmed that it was only sent to the TWO HR Managers, and not the third.

      Yes, I kinda conflated a bug with a feature request 🙂 Just saying that if you’re fixing email deliverability issues, the “fix” might be a bit of a creating a new feature at the same time 😉

      Thanks for looking into this and considering the feature request as well!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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