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      Hello, i need help using the filter Country->State.
      First of all, i’ve to say that i haven’t modified the core code or anything, i just modified the state files so it shows me Locations->Departments instead of states, so the code itself its the same.
      I’ve no problem using it in the HR module and it works fine in CRM when i create a new customer, but i want to use it in the Attendance Add-On to filter the reports.
      Why you might ask ?. Because i’ve more than 300 departments so its a mess to filter and shows information/departments that some people shouldn’t see.

      Is there any way to use this filter that belongs to the ERP plugin in the Attendance Add-On ?

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello Juac,

      As I have already replied to you over the email. You need to have those custom states as variable to have in the search filter. You’ll require customization for this actually.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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