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      I entered an invoice , but the graphs is not updated. ? What do I need to do to update the graphs ?

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      I’ve noticed the graph issue and will update you tomorrow about it.
      Thanks for informing us 🙂

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      Sadiq A Khaliq Ali

      Can not see graphs after creating invoices, please guide.
      WP 4.8

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      @Sadiq A Khaliq,
      Was it working for you before updating WordPress into 4.8?
      Please let me know.

      Thanks 🙂

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      Sadiq A Khaliq Ali

      I did not create any invoices in the earlier version of WP 4.8.
      This is the first time I have created invoices.

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      @Sadiq A Khaliq Ali,

      The graph should be updated after approving it. If it is not updated even after approving then, please do contact at “[email protected]” so that our support member can have a look at your site and help you in it.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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