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      jajabor joy

      Is it really that hard for you guys to ADD A DELETE BUTTON for the journal entry, who made such a great plugin. I hope Tareq Vai, u r reading this. Whats the point of assigning an Account Manager who Obviously wouldn’t get to modify any Database??? If no reply I m gonna edit the plugin myself and solve the BIG problem for u.

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      Any accounting plugin shouldn’t have any delete feature by default. It’s not about just giving a simple feature, it’s about if that makes sense or not as a matter of security and audit logging. If you add an entry by mistake, it should be reverted back by entering a counter journal entry. If you are an accountant, you should know that.

      We don’t have any plan to add that feature at this time.

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        jajabor joy

        I respect your point of view, hence you may have keep a “Modified Transaction Table List” (which is NOT deletable) for further auditing even after the DB modification. It is too easy to make mistakes for beginners(accountants) and really needed in case of testing. I soulfully appreciate the work on WP ERP and it is the most efficient ERP available. Thanks for your reply.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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