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      Hi there!

      I’m trying to understand if this plugin solves my actual problem:
      I’m making a project for company witch sales houses and apartments, so I have to control sales opportunities, like this:
      Building A: Apartments 1A, 1B and 1C;
      Building B: Apartments: 5E, 5G and 6C.
      And the system have to not permit selling same apartment twice., creating a waiting list in some step of the pipeline.

      Can I solve this problem with WP ERP?

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      Dear pedraohenrique,

      WP ERP is basically for managing companies.

      But if you want then you might use it for backend inventory management via WP ERP.

      You will also be required to have a frontend for listing your apartments which WP ERP is unable to provide you with.

      I hope this will help you out

      Thank you.

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