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      I reate customer contact in CRM module. It worked. However, when I come to Accounting, there’s nothing even I ve tried to add new. Accounting module might not work properly. Please help me.
      I ve tried both new version 1.5.11 just released and the old 1.5.5 downloaded from offficial site.

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      Mehedi Hasan


      Can you please explain the problem? It’s really not possible to have an idea about the issue unless hearing in detail. ‘there’s nothing’ means it doesn’t load? In that case, make sure your permalink is set to the ‘post-name’.


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      I think it like you said, it didnt load.
      I created a customer contact named Harry for example in CRM module to log call, meeting…
      I hope that when there is a sale from Harry, I can create an invoice, and payment in Accounting module. However, when I access Accounting module, I didnt see any contact, in this case Harry. Then I cannot do anything in Accounting module.
      For example, Cannot add new Customer in Accounting module.

      I have tried in both version 1.5.t and 1.5.11.

      Please support me. Thanks for your help!

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      @Mehedi Hasan,

      Can you help me for this above issue?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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