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      Hello team wperp, I greet you from Colombia and congratulate you for the great work you do, I have been observing the characteristics of the accounting module. I want to know if you can group income and expenses by cost centers, funds or projects? Grouping the accounts into categories would be an excellent option to evaluate the result of the activities developed by the company. For example: Our foundation pays the rent of three properties in which three different social projects are developed, this expense is recorded in the account “Rent”. A report of the cost centers should discriminate the accounting account “Rent” for each project as follows:
      Account, Project1, Project2, Project3,
      “Rent”, cost1, cost2, cost3,
      I apologize for my grammar, I used the google translator.

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      Shawon Chowdhury

      Thanks for writing.
      I am sorry to inform you that right now group account is not available in WP ERP 🙂

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