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      When someone fills out a form and places an email that already exists, the contact already registered is rewritten. How not to let this happen. I need it, even with the repeated email, to create a new contact and not rewrite the existing one.
      Thank you very much!

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      Mehedi Hasan

      Hello @Paulo

      The thing is, a contact is being saved in the database with the unique email address. I mean, that is the unique part of the contacts. So, it’s really not possible to have duplicate data on the database to have multiple contacts with a same email address.


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      Thanks for listening!

      But the problem is that the system rewrites the existing contact. There is no way to refuse entry to form contact 7?

      If a person places an existing email at the time of filling out the form, that contact that is already in the DB is changed with this new information.

      Should the system not let rewrite, or create another one with same email. Since in mysql I can manually duplicate a contact.

      Sheltered by help!

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      I have this problem too with NinjaForms, but I find solution:
      setup email field as “UNIQUE FIELD” in form editing->advanced->restrictions

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      Hello Vicerio,

      But I need it to be duplicate the contact and not rewritten!

      I need a person with the same email to have 2 registrations.

      Because when an existing email is inserted into the form it only changes that record and does not generate a new one.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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