Contact created by one employee is not visble to other employee.

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      Hi I have an issue with WP ERP. According to the forum of CRM I can see that contact should be visible to all employee by default. But it is not the case with me. If one of the employee creates one contact other employee cant see it. It causing duplicate entries is there any way to fix it.
      Is there any setting which I need to change?

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      Mehedi Hasan


      It’s not the Employee actually, Agent. CRM agents have access to the contact, Employee doesn’t have.

      Let me describe how CRM contacts work:
      -> Contacts can be seen by the contacts owners only, if you are an Agent. An agent can not see other agent’s contacts.
      -> Manager can see all. All the contacts event if it owns by other agents as Manager has all the rights to see all.

      So, please make sure you do not have an agent role, rather, you have a CRM manager role from your user profile. Reference screenshot:

      I hope this helps 🙂

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      YAPPA SA

      I have all the roles but I can’t see what other managers add. @_@

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